“Us Together” Reviews and Such

Hey Folks,

I got this really nice review from Minor 7th.

Lance Allen “Us Together,” 2014 As a member of the Thumb-pickers Hall of Fame, Lance Allen stands alongside Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, Doc Watson and Pat Kirtley. Very impressive shoulders to rub against. On first listen to Allen’s new release, “Us Together,” it becomes clear that the honor was bestowed appropriately. The pristine sound of fingers cascading (thumb included) the length and breadth of the fret board demonstrate the elegance and grace of a consummate player with chops and a sense of composition that borrows from the for mentioned Emmanuel and Atkins yet evolves into a distinct style all his own. The soundscape seems to build in energy throughout, beginning with the title track, a delightfully and charming melody, and finishing with the dark and pulsating “Dead Weather.” Thumbs up all the way around for Allen’s third CD release “Us Together.” © James Filkins


Such a nice review, that I’d encourage you to go and buy the album.   Us Together – Lance Allen

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