Teaching Guitar at W.O. Smith School in Nashville, TN

For about a year I’ve been teaching private guitar lessons at W.O. Smith Music school in Nashville, TN.

First, It’s been a blast and I’ve met some great people there and had some wonderful opportunities come about.

Not everyone can be a student at WO Smith as the family has to meet certain eligibility requirements prior to enrollment. And then a student must take and pass a general music class prior to even having private lessons with an instructor.

It’s been a great place for me to be involved and there has been some big named artists who have donated, sponsored, and visited the school.

Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, and Bela Fleck to name a few.

If you think you would be interested in donating or volunteering to this wonderful organization click the picture below!


Not only does W.O. Smith facility serve as a music school durning the week, but a place to hold weddings, corporate events, and parties. Click here to find more info on how to reserve the wonderfully designed facility.  www.wosmith.com


Here’s a little history from the website if you don’t make it over there.

W.O. Smith (1917-1991)

Through hard work and perseverance, W.O. Smith earned a PhD, was the professor of music at Tennessee State University, a member of the Nashville Symphony, and a noted jazz bassist.  He played with the great jazz players of the time, including Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker.

He had a dream that by offering musical instruction to low-income families that these children could change their lives also.

In 1984, his dream became a reality, when the W.O. Smith Music School opened its doors.

45 students in 1984 has grown to over 400 today.

The W.O. Smith Music School has introduced thousands of interested and deserving children to the world of music.