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Top 5 Winner at International fingerstyle guitar contest in Winfield, KS.

This year marked my 4th year to compete in the International Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in Winfield, KS. I did really, really well and played nearly flawlessly. In the first round I played my smokin’ arrangement of the Beach Boy’s California Girls, and my original tune, Little Bit. I made it to the top 5, but was unable to bring home a trophy and new guitar. I did get a really nice plaque that will display nicely next to my other top 5 plaque that I received in 2010.

 I was hoping for a higher placement and felt a little disappointed, but I managed to have a little fun with my winning of a plaque and made a cool necklace out of it. Everyone at my campsite called me, Lance-O-Flav.

Walnut Valley International Fingerstyle guitar contest

This summer, I also competed in the Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar contest, which was a great precursor to the International contest in Winfield. This is a nice facebook post from one of the scoring judges. I was picked number one by her, but somehow averaged out and got a runner up position.

Lance Allen Guitar Lessons Fingerstyle Skype Teacher

I will keep trying to win until I do. It is a very fun event and look forward to it every year!

The top 5 winners were

First Place

Adam Gardino of Colorado Springs

Second Place

Shuhei Nishino from Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka Japan

Third Place

Maxwell Hughes from Fort Collins, CO

Runners up

Lance Allen and Glenn Roth

Here’s a video of me playing an arrangement of You’ve Got A Friend in Me. Inspired by a Bill Piburn Arrangement.