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TrueFire Inspired Fingerstyle Guitar #1: Unique chord voicing in key of C

Folks, I just got featured on TrueFire’s website. Looking forward to mending a relationship with them as another part of my teaching/music career unfolds!

Please go visit the post and leave a comment, watch the vid, leave good comments and feedback. I’ll be doing more and hope to be able to produce a workshop with them in the near future.



Thanks for subscribing to all the new folks!

Don’t forget I’m trying to teach and meet people all over the world using skype or FaceTime. I still have a few states left to teach in. Trying to be the 1st teacher to teach in all 50 states on a one on one basis. I’m willing to do a free lesson for anyone who lives in the states I haven’t taught in.

New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware, Maine, Alaska, N and S Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Iowa

Happy Guitar playing! 🙂