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Learn the Song, “The Eye” by Brandi Carlile on guitar with tablature

Hey everyone! A lot of people ask me from time to time who some of my favorite artists are. Here lately it’s been a lot of Brandi Carlile. Me and my wife really enjoy here songs and have seen her perform in Nashville several times. Her music has certainly been my goto station on Pandora Radio.

I thought, as a fan, I would give a lesson of her new song, “The Eye”

Here’s their official video of the tune. Here’s where you can download the song The Eye – The Firewatcher’s Daughter

Isn’t it nice? Now for the fun part.. I challenge you to learn the song and enjoy for your self. Having the capo up high may be strange, but it sure is a pleasure to play.

Download the tab for only $5 (Just a cup of coffee or dessert)

Tab for The Eye $5.00Add to Cart

Now that you know I worked really hard to put this together, consider taking  Skype Guitar lessons with me, or sending me a tip to paypal. I really enjoy teaching and I’m fortunate enough to make a modest living doing so.

And Brandi and the twins… If you all find this somehow, I hope you will endorse it and perhaps we could hang out sometime in Nashville TN. I’ll buy you coffee at my favorite coffee house called Eighth and Roast. Thanks for being awesome!

Your fan and musical friend,

Lance Allen