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Kansas Town tablature

Here.. take a listen while you read.

The moment some of you have been waiting for. ­čÖé Which is a good thing I’ve been busy.

My song, “Kansas Town” has been getting 10,000 plays a day on spotify! How awesome! Would love to see it hit a million before my birthday on Nov 29th. wink wink.. listen away.

It was written by my father (Dan Allen) and I. We made our first trip together ever in 2009 to Kansas. ┬áLong story short, my parents divorced early on and I only visited dad every other weekend or so. We didn’t do much traveling. Making this trip to Kansas was a big deal. It was my first try at competing at the International Fingerstyle Guitar contest in Winfield. That year I played well and made it to the top 5! My dad was really proud. I recently got 3rd place if you recall. ­čÖé Great memories indeed as my father passed away quickly the following year with terminal pancreatic cancer. Lyric are written below. My father and I were the cowboys adventuring in a new place.

One day, I hope to see this song in a movie with strings of an orchestra!

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Lyrics to the song go like this.


Yesterday morning, I woke up in Winfield, to the sound of a guitar

All else was quiet, the wind stood still, in this Kansas Town.

The train whistle blowing, the milo was growing, I could see for miles

The sky was so blue and I thought of you in this Kansas Town


Kansas Town where the cowboys once roamed,

They saddled their horses and wrote down their songs.

The sky was so blue and I think of you, in this Kansas Town


We came so far, to get so close, time didn’t matter at all.

I gave it my best and saved for the rest, in this Kansas Town


Kansas Town where the cowboys once roamed,

They saddled their horses and sang their songs.

The sky was so blue and I still think of you, in this Kansas Town

Copyright 2009 Lance Allen music

Lance Allen Arrangements and Downloads

Now that I have Sibelius notation software, I’ve been working on a few of my own songs so that people can learn them in standard notation and tablature.

The page that will have these on is my downloads page. They’re affordable and a great way to be inspired and learn something unique and original.

It will take more time to get more up, but I will be continually adding these arrangements as I complete them.

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