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Spotify Goal of 60,000,000 Streams

Hello friends and subscribers! I hope all is well with you!

I’ve been having some success with Spotify and wanted to tell you about it! I’m quite grateful for it as it’s helping me to pursue my career as a musician and motivating me to write more new music.

 Here’s a link to my Spotify Nothing but Guitarlancer playlist(That’s me), or you can just listen and follow me as an artist by clicking below.


Why this goal?

I made this goal after doing a few calculations based on my royalty history. YES! I get royalties from Spotify!  If I get an estimated 60 million streams on Spotify, then I’ll be able to pay off my house.  Who doesn’t want to pay off their house!?!?!!?  I think it would really cool and amazing to say that my music and my friends/fans listened so much that it paid off my house! It’s totally possible too! I’m not Ed Sheeran (Who got this amount in like a few hrs time) but I’m good at what I do and people to do listen! So far I estimate I have a little over 5 million streams.

Why listen? 

The nice thing about my music is it has no lyrics and it can be played peacefully in the background while you work, sleep, or whatever.. Instrumental music is being played everywhere! Coffee shops, restaurants,, churches, concerts, TV, charities, events, dinners, and the list could go on.

-My son listens to it every night and falls to sleep to the gentle guitar sounds.  It’s also great when walking or having a quite moment.

How I plan on achieving this goal.

It doesn’t have to be a secret about how I may go about achieving this goal. Other artist may be able to benefit as well.

Listening to my channel a lot is one way to bring the stream count up. Some other things that could help, is by being on Spotify generated playlist. Those are hard to get on and generally a good amount of luck is needed. But I can do this by making contacts and new friends in the business of curating playlist. So if you have a playlist that my music would fit in, then stick it in there and other potential listeners with hear it.

Currently,  my music on the Acoustic Concentration playlist and is generating me the most streams from one song. I’d love to have 2 songs on there and also included on the Peaceful Guitar playlist, which is rapidly growing. I’m also included on some user generated playlist that have a good following. There are a bunch of these and I’ve been trying to get on more of them.

A big thing that will help and I’m going to try and do this, is get some sort of celebrity endorsement/s. I know it sounds crazy and every musician would want this to further their career or whatever, but it’s totally possible. I have a lot of ideas of who to contact and will be creating a press release that will reflect my goal.

I wanted to write this on my blog, so that you  would see it and know that I have an incredible journey ahead. It’s also important for me to be reminded of this and to keep pursuing this with passion. I have this creed that I constantly remind myself of. It’s to pursue, persist and have patience. There’s a lot to each of those P’s, but I believe one can find success using those simple techniques. Being out of the ordinary is another thing that sets us apart. I’m doing something none of my competition is doing. Doing something different requires stepping outside of comfort zones. I’m okay with that, because I’ve experienced many new successes as a result of doing something different than everyone else!

Thank you for reading, and for listening. I’ll be getting to 60 million streams really soon!


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