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Peaceful Guitar and Instrumental Pop Spotify playlist

I want to endorse these two playlist that my music is on.

On August 14th I was notified by a friend that my music got on the Spotify curated playlist, Peaceful Guitar. WOW This was a goal of mine since May and my hard work paid off! I hope to see more of my song spinning on playlist like this. It gives me an opportunity as an artist to make some extra money and inspires me to continue writing great guitar music!

Just to give you an idea on how powerful playlist are for an artist.. My song, Rest your way home got over 120,000 spins in one week! Excited to see other playlist include my music!

Here’s the Peaceful Guitar Playlist on Spotify

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 4.30.26 PM

The other playlist I’ve been on and have also been enjoying listening to it is this guy right here!


Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 5.43.41 PM

New Video, Viking of Rimrock by Lance Allen

Hey everyone, I’m excited to show this video to you as it’s one of the best I’ve had done so far! I think it turned out really great! I have 2 more coming soon and I’ll share those as well!

-This tune was inspired by the show on History Channel called Vikings. I happen to live on a rimrock and resemble vikings from the show with my beard and all.. lol ! I’m the Viking of Rimrock! Hopefully you understand my story in the music.

-Hope you enjoy! Make sure you check out Michael Gomez and his studio that put this together!  West light Studios. Shoot him a message at his site or Facebook, letting him know he did wonderful! And consider hiring him for your own video like this!

Make sure you check out that special capo I have on there! Notice guitarlancer? It’s a g7th Heritage capo and its awesome and I’m very proud of it and glad to endorse!!

Don’t forget you can always listen to my music on Spotify and add me to your playlist! I’d love to be on there!

Also if your a fan of acoustic finger style guitar music, check out the playlist Acoustic Concentration. I have a tune on there! It’s a great playlist. Hoping they’ll put one of my new ones on there or perhaps on the 6 String Peacefulness one as well! If you’re a curator and found this post, please consider adding some of my music to some of your instrumental playlist!