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“Mystic” tab Now Available

Hi Everyone.

After a lot of requests to have the tab for my song Mystic, I finally got around to notating and it it now available. Mystic is a melancholic song on my first album, Sometimes in Life. Inspired by the mystery of minor keys and moving minor melody, is a great song to learn and be inspired by.

Click below to get the mp3 and tab of Mystic. My tab is written easily so that you get the right idea and can play it very close to original. I occasionally leave out some grace notes and things that hopefully you can add in your self as a part of improvising etc.

I’ll let you know when I have other tabs available.

MYSTIC (Tab and mp3) 


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Did interview with Jamey Tucker of News 2 Technology report

I did a live skype lesson with Jamey Tucker on Sunday evening. This one will be really cool! He fed the skype call video feed to his TV and used that as part of the segment.


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If anyone is interested in Skype guitar lessons, get in touch, let’s schedule a meet-up and let learn the guitar!

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Skype guitar Lessons featured on Nashville News channel 4 WSMV

I was interviewed by New Channel 4 WSMV today and was on the 10pm news talking about how I want to teach in all 50 states using skype!

Craig Landschoot did a really great job at capturing this video and interviewing me. Thanks Craig!




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