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Me and new friend/co-guitarist Bill Neale

Meeting Guitarist Bill Neale

As a guitar teacher near Nashville, you get to meet lots of professionals in the music industry. So I set up a meeting at Crema, one of my new favorite coffee houses in Nashville.

I just happened to meet Bill Neale, a mo-town guitarist, who played for numerous bands, but most notably, The Temptations.

Bill gave me some of his history about playing guitar and how he got his start. He was really into mo-town music and hung around enough to get the chance to play with The Temptations, thus landing him a gig, and a lot of future opportunities. As a result of playing with The Temptations, he also had some experience with Jackson 5. I found it interesting that Bill was only 17 when he first started playing professionally.

Imagine taking lessons at 13-14 years old, and then getting a gig with Adele at 18. HOW RIDICULOUS WOULD THAT BE?! Thats how famous and hard working The Temptaions were in their day.

Bill and I hit it off really well and and I told him a lot about my lesson business in Smyrna TN, and how I use skype to teach people all over the world.  He got to meet Mojo, my lovely Takamine Guitar. We’ll be getting together soon at Lance Allen Studio for a jam, and I’ll give him some advice on teaching beginning students and getting people really interested in the guitar.

Bill is also an official Benedetto Guitar Endorser and Product Promoter.

Here is the link to his site.


Bill Neale Guitar Lessons with Lance Allen NAshville, TN

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