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Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Competition ~Nashville, IN

I competed at the Indiana State fingerstyle guitar competition, which was great practice for Winfield’s International Contest in September.

I was in the Top 5 of the  total 23 competitors but only as a runner up.

Winners of the Contest were

1st Jack Wilson ~Chicago, IL

2nd Kade Puckett ~Linton, Indiana

3rd Mark Sganga ~ NY City, NY

4th Jonathan Brown and Lance Allen ~ Nashville, TN

This was the first year for the competition and they did a superb job of keeping it flowing and interesting. Everything was organized and they even had a table for the competitors to sell there cd’s, which was a great idea!

The first place prize was a hand made O.C. Bear acoustic guitar. It was really nice at a retail of $4500!!

Second got another guitar and third place received a $100 prize.

The night ended with a wonderful performance by three great artist and fingerstyle guitarist, Muriel Anderson, Pat Kirtley, and Brian Henke.

Kara Barnard, the brains behind the event, did such a nice job and I’ll definitely come again next year with my family!

She owns the little music shop there in Nashville IN  called Weed Patch Music Company

Here are some pictures that I snapped with iPhone while there!

Double Rainbow

Smyrna TN Guitar Lessons

Me and Skype Student, Larry, Hanging out at the concert!

Me and Beth, another Skype student, meeting for first time in person.

Buddy Jimmy DeHeno, who is also an excellent fingerstyle guitarist. Thanks for getting the double at the Brown County INN!

Didn’t realize there was a donate a dollar bin there once I took a picture. Oops didn’t have one…