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Skype Guitar Lessons, I’m getting more and more students from all over the world!

So just this week I’ve been asked about skype guitar lessons from Long Island, NY, Ghana, Ireland, just to name a few! It’s still my goal to have taught guitar in all 50 states using skype.

Take a look at my map and see if you are in a state that I haven’t taught in yet. Give me a try and I look forward to hearing from you.

I specialize in acoustic guitar and fingerstyle guitar methods, but I’m accomplished on the electric guitar as well.


If you’re reading this and know someone that might be interested, tell them. I pay $20 for referrals!


Not much else is going on.

Oh, I am finishing up my 3rd CD at the moment. I have another song to add to it to make 12 songs on the disc. It will be another wonderful solo guitar cd.

You’ll be hearing more about this project as it get finished.