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Why do so many music artist complain about Pandora royalties when…..

Hey everyone! I hope your day is awesome! Mine is going great as I got to hang out with my son all day and I’ve been thinking on why so many music artists claim that music streaming services such as Pandora, is bad for musicians and they’re paychecks.

We all wish to get paid for for our work and our artistic abilities.? Right..

Well guess what?? Pandora does pay royalties to Soundexchange, an online streaming royalty collections company set up by the copyright office.

Maybe if you’ve searched, you’ve seen a quote similar to this “See what this artist got paid for one million plays! You won’t believe it!”

It’s somewhere in the ballpark of $1500 for a million plays, but I imagine, major artist are getting paid really well because they’re definitely get more than just a million plays a month. Think about it…. How many people have Pandora on their phone, roku, or other device? Each time there song plays on one persons device is a spin….. Therefore and artists like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift(who has not pulled her music from Pandora BTW) are getting 100’s of millions of plays(spins) Therefore an easy check.. mailbox moneys..

My music is on Pandora and I get in the neighborhood of 250,000 spins a month on Pandora. Wow! That’s incredible to me, because at that rate I’m getting mailbox money! Money I didn’t ask for, but have already invested in my music.  I’d love to see my very niche, instrumental guitar music, get more spins than I’m getting. Here’s my channel and you know what, thumbs up matter, because then you hear my music more often.


Thanks for hearing me ramble on today about royalties and what not. Also if you hear my music on Sirius XM, let me know. I submitted my music 6 months ago, hoping to see some action from them as well.