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Pierre Bensusan in Fingerstyle 360. An online magazine dedicated to fingerstyle acoustic guitarist

Hi there everyone!

Woke up this morning to my new issue of Fingerstyle360. Pierre Bensusan is on the cover and what a great interview Bill Piburn did with him!

I also did a workshop in this issue on my song “Just Thoughts”. In it you will find transcriptions and all sorts of great stuff!

Fingerstyle 360 is the¬†successor of the “defunct” Fingerstyle Guitar magazine. I would encourage you to subscribe to this online magazine and help it get a great start. It’s only $16.99 for a year of fun fingerstyle guitar music.



George Lowden Guitars Lance Allen Just thoughts arrangement

Some of the other artist include, Pierre Bensusan, Guy Van Duser, Jimmy Deheno, Adam Gardino, Steve Herberm, TIm Lerch, Zane Forshee, Jimmy DeHeno, Bill Piburn, Laskin Guitars, Rebecca Langan.