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Takamine TC135SC Acoustic Electric Nylon String Guitar

Hey Everyone! I got a TC135SC acoustic electric guitar a while back and did a nice video of the guitar.

I kinda look funny in the first video, but then there is the second one which is more basic and you can hear the sound of the guitar acoustically and the plugged in.

Kind of a neat guitar meant for finger style guys like myself who want a nylons string but maybe not the tradition 2 inches at the nut. This particular guitar too has a nice cutaway and 24 frets. I’ll be able to shred with that! Just kidding, but seriously this is a cool guitar and I wanted to write a blog post about it.

Since I’ve become a Takamine Clinician and endorsee I’ve gotten really familiar with some of there pro line of guitars that are handmade in their factory in Sakashita, Japan in the foothills of the Takamine mountain. I hope to one day get to do a trip there documenting the guitar company and how they came to be. Perhaps even meeting some of the existing family that started the company. My wife, Twila, would love to go on this trip!  For now enjoy my demonstration and review of the Takamine TC135SC guitar.





You can purchase this guitar at a Takamine Authorized Dealer.

Or you can follow this link and get one from Amazon.

Takamine Guitar teacher and Clincian


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