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First day in studio with Richard Smith

Today was the first day in studio with Richard Smith. It was fun and focused. We did 13 songs today! I think that might be a record!

I may have to fix or redo one one called “Travel Time” which has a difficult part where I somewhat lose the groove, but can be fixed with some practice with a metronome. I’m headed back next week to mix and finalize! 🙂

Hang in there and do tell a friend. I’m very passionate about these songs and inspired to play the guitar more and more.

Here is a short video I put together of the studio and my song “Long Island” is in the background.

The song “Long Island” was inspired by a trip to Long Island. I met my skype student, George Giannaris for a few days. The Batson guitar company also came and we were showing off guitars for the community in the north fork of Long Island. George’s friend fixed us a Greek coffee, which is similar to Turkish coffee. I stayed up very late that night playin with a new tuning on the guitar that was unfamiliar to me. DADF#AE. This song was born.