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New Fingerstyle Guitar Videos on Youtube

I told you guys I would be back. I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was great, just hanging out with the family, celebrating my sons birthday with a water gun party, and enjoying some good coffee from Counter Culture subscription!

As I said I’m doing more on youtube and encourage you to check it out! Thanks to all my subscribers for keeping in touch! I’m going to allow comments on this post, so feel free to chime in and say hello!

First. This is my song Blue Ireland. I’ve never been to Ireland, but I flew over it once and looked out the plane window and all I saw was blue waters from high up. Also, it was a dream come true to have the great Phil Keaggy add to the tune. It can be bought on iTunes for like .99 or something. BUY HERE
And here’s my video performance.. Don’t be too shy to leave a tip using the tip jar below, if you think it was good. Look at it as if you’re buying me a cup of coffee, or a beer, soda,  lunch.. or a pack of socks.. whatever you think a guy like me may need.. hahahaha.

Now here we are to a free 5 Minute finger style guitar lesson. It’s way better than 6 minute ABs! Trust me! Hope you like the chick in the thumbnail. A little trick I learned to increase views on youtube, well… from dudes I guess. I hope I didn’t disappoint you. lol

And Last… Inspired by the playing of Tommy Emmanuel, my tune Just Thoughts. It’s beautiful ballad, thinking of my loved one every time I play it. I hope you’ll think of someone you love to. Sing along in the chorus.. “Just Thoughts of you, happen all the time… ” That’s about as far as I usually get.. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the quality of my new videos and would consider leaving a tip, or attaching a picture of you giving me a virtual “high 5” cuz I really enjoy doing this stuff.

Leave a tip here 🙂