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Two Old Hippies

I visited Two Old Hippies today in Nashville, TN. What a treat to go into this place and set down and play some excellent guitars, and check out some hip and really cool clothing and hippy accessories. Definitely a cool place!

2OH is owned and operated by Mr. Tom Bedell, who is a super nice guy. I got to meet him in my trip to California when I was demonstrating for Takamine Guitars at the Guitar Center retreat.

So if you like acoustic guitars this is a place you will want to visit if you’re in Nashville. Not to mention all the really cool stuff in there! They have hacky sacks, and trendy clothing and the type of shirts you play gigs in. That’s what I’m talking about! They also have a stage that band play and songwriters, and even open mic for kids that play instruments!

The wall is full of guitars. Here are some brands that I saw in there that you can play and check out

What a cool chair to jam on!

english seat hippy

A neat set-up here! And one cool hip guitar case!

hippy guitar case neat decoration

This is a Batson Guitar. One of the Best Acoustic Guitars made! The Sound hole is on the side.

This allows the top to vibrate with more frequency response. I’ve played several Batson guitars

over the years and you can see me play them on youtube.


handmade acoustic guitar instrument

Lowden Guitars are also a favorite acoustic guitar of mine. I hope to own one someday.

They have a really nice woodsy, organic sound. A thin finish allows fantastic sound and unique voice.


Fancy Acoustic Guitar Stuff and handmade instruments


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