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Played Fingerstyle guitar music with Kyle Jones at Kalamata’s in Nashville, TN

Tonight I played at Kalamata’s with Kyle Jones. Kyle is a percussionist and drummer who has played for many musical acts. One of his latest gigs and recordings is with the awesome, Phil Keaggy.

Phil Keaggy was one of my first inspirations and influences to the art of fingerstyle guitar. I never imagined I’d be playing my music with Phil’s percussionist.

I even got to open for Phil Keaggy at a gig I had in NAshville last year. That was so cool! I will be playing at Kalamata’s again on October 13th. Be sure to follow me on facebook to get the updates when I’m playing places around town.

Tomorrow I’ll play at the famous Antique Archaeology. That place was opened as a result of the TV show American Pickers. 2-4.

Now Kyle also mentioned he knew Robert Plant and would invite him if he’s in town the next time  I play there. How cool would that be?!?!!?!?

So for now I’ll keep practicing because I’m one of a handful of famous guitarist who has played at Kalamata’s

Phil Keaggy, Bobby Cochran (Steppenwolf), Rick Vito, Stan Lassiter , are to name a few. and oh Lance Allen too! 🙂


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