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New Video, Viking of Rimrock by Lance Allen

Hey everyone, I’m excited to show this video to you as it’s one of the best I’ve had done so far! I think it turned out really great! I have 2 more coming soon and I’ll share those as well!

-This tune was inspired by the show on History Channel called Vikings. I happen to live on a rimrock and resemble vikings from the show with my beard and all.. lol ! I’m the Viking of Rimrock! Hopefully you understand my story in the music.

-Hope you enjoy! Make sure you check out Michael Gomez and his studio that put this together!  West light Studios. Shoot him a message at his site or Facebook, letting him know he did wonderful! And consider hiring him for your own video like this!

Make sure you check out that special capo I have on there! Notice guitarlancer? It’s a g7th Heritage capo and its awesome and I’m very proud of it and glad to endorse!!

Don’t forget you can always listen to my music on Spotify and add me to your playlist! I’d love to be on there!

Also if your a fan of acoustic finger style guitar music, check out the playlist Acoustic Concentration. I have a tune on there! It’s a great playlist. Hoping they’ll put one of my new ones on there or perhaps on the 6 String Peacefulness one as well! If you’re a curator and found this post, please consider adding some of my music to some of your instrumental playlist!


Kansas Town tablature

Here.. take a listen while you read.

The moment some of you have been waiting for. 🙂 Which is a good thing I’ve been busy.

My song, “Kansas Town” has been getting 10,000 plays a day on spotify! How awesome! Would love to see it hit a million before my birthday on Nov 29th. wink wink.. listen away.

It was written by my father (Dan Allen) and I. We made our first trip together ever in 2009 to Kansas.  Long story short, my parents divorced early on and I only visited dad every other weekend or so. We didn’t do much traveling. Making this trip to Kansas was a big deal. It was my first try at competing at the International Fingerstyle Guitar contest in Winfield. That year I played well and made it to the top 5! My dad was really proud. I recently got 3rd place if you recall. 🙂 Great memories indeed as my father passed away quickly the following year with terminal pancreatic cancer. Lyric are written below. My father and I were the cowboys adventuring in a new place.

One day, I hope to see this song in a movie with strings of an orchestra!

Here’s the tab for $5. It’s like you’re buying me a cup of delicious coffee, or perhaps a craft beer, or a toy for one of my kiddos. I really do appreciate all your support.
Buy Now$5.00 Kansas Town tablature

I also have a new store setup to where you can buy my cd’s and give donations. Looks pretty slick.

Lance Allen Store 

Lyrics to the song go like this.


Yesterday morning, I woke up in Winfield, to the sound of a guitar

All else was quiet, the wind stood still, in this Kansas Town.

The train whistle blowing, the milo was growing, I could see for miles

The sky was so blue and I thought of you in this Kansas Town


Kansas Town where the cowboys once roamed,

They saddled their horses and wrote down their songs.

The sky was so blue and I think of you, in this Kansas Town


We came so far, to get so close, time didn’t matter at all.

I gave it my best and saved for the rest, in this Kansas Town


Kansas Town where the cowboys once roamed,

They saddled their horses and sang their songs.

The sky was so blue and I still think of you, in this Kansas Town

Copyright 2009 Lance Allen music

2015 Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Competition

Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar contest

Hey Everyone! Just got back from the Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar competition and thought I’d tell you about it. 🙂 I’ll tell you right off, I didn’t win… 🙁 boo hoo cry wah wah! lol, didn’t even make it to the 2nd round. I think it may have been that I drew number 1 when we were picking for contestant performance order. Oh well. Maybe Winfield! As I’m going this year.

So, Got to Nashville north, as they say, on Friday afternoon and set up for a gig at the Pine Room. I barely got there because of a cancerous tire on my van as I traveled. It was really rough. Thankfully, my friend there and organizer of the event, Chuck Wills, helped me change it.

Kade Puckett, a great fingerpicker opened the show 5-7 and then I went on to pick some.  I played a handful of tunes, including my Beach Boys stuff and Beatles, and some more. Helen Avakian joined the stage with her friend David Irwin. Outside was some cool music happening too by Cari Ray and her band.  It was a good time had by all, and even my friend Maxwell Hughes, from the Lumineers, showed up and played some stuff!

Saturday was the day of the contest! In the morning we drew for our numbers and I got the dreaded number 1.  My plan was to play my song, Us Together and follow up with my strong arrangement of California Girls, by the Beach Boys. I played flawlessly, yet I did not make it to the 2nd round. Oh well next time… que Beck’s song… I’m a loser baby! so why don’t you kill me…. lol just kidding.

The Winners of the contest were:

David Youngman – 1st place winner David took home a fine handmade guitar by OC Bear!

Keith Taylor – 2nd place

Bill Russell – 3rd place

Helen Avakian and Mark Bayer were the two runners up in the top 5

There were 21 contestants and 3-5 judges keeping score.

It’s a great contest and I encourage anyone into fingerstyle guitar to give it a try. There was even a 14 year old kid name Evan Twitty who was great! Even the winner of the Canadian Fingerstyle guitar fest competed, Kevin Blake Goodwin.

On that Sunday I taught 3 workshops for guitarists. One was a fingerstyle for strummers, intro to thumbstyle guitar, and tricks and licks. It was great for me to teach, and because of that opportunity I felt like a winner.

I did learn a new joke while in Indiana. This is my step-ladder. I never knew my real one.  lololol!! 11854086_10208140832145472_1078886432_n

New Fingerstyle Guitar Videos on Youtube

I told you guys I would be back. I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was great, just hanging out with the family, celebrating my sons birthday with a water gun party, and enjoying some good coffee from Counter Culture subscription!

As I said I’m doing more on youtube and encourage you to check it out! Thanks to all my subscribers for keeping in touch! I’m going to allow comments on this post, so feel free to chime in and say hello!

First. This is my song Blue Ireland. I’ve never been to Ireland, but I flew over it once and looked out the plane window and all I saw was blue waters from high up. Also, it was a dream come true to have the great Phil Keaggy add to the tune. It can be bought on iTunes for like .99 or something. BUY HERE
And here’s my video performance.. Don’t be too shy to leave a tip using the tip jar below, if you think it was good. Look at it as if you’re buying me a cup of coffee, or a beer, soda,  lunch.. or a pack of socks.. whatever you think a guy like me may need.. hahahaha.

Now here we are to a free 5 Minute finger style guitar lesson. It’s way better than 6 minute ABs! Trust me! Hope you like the chick in the thumbnail. A little trick I learned to increase views on youtube, well… from dudes I guess. I hope I didn’t disappoint you. lol

And Last… Inspired by the playing of Tommy Emmanuel, my tune Just Thoughts. It’s beautiful ballad, thinking of my loved one every time I play it. I hope you’ll think of someone you love to. Sing along in the chorus.. “Just Thoughts of you, happen all the time… ” That’s about as far as I usually get.. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the quality of my new videos and would consider leaving a tip, or attaching a picture of you giving me a virtual “high 5” cuz I really enjoy doing this stuff.

Leave a tip here 🙂

March Happenings for Lance Allen

Hey Everyone. I was just running through my list of subscribers and wanting to thank you for subscribing and listening to me from time to time.

I’ve been teaching a lot of people lately and juggling family life at home with a newborn son (almost 6mo now!) and 5yr boy already rocking it in school!

In February I did a custom music track for a company in Spain called Voipalia. It turned out really nice and will be a theme of theirs for their company brand. Take a listen HERE.
 If you want something like this for your company let me know. I just about do any style of instrumental music.

I’m also playing at Antique Archaeology today which is a famous place in Nashville where American Pickers sells the stuff they pick out of people junk on TV.

Antique Archaeology
Antique Archaeology


Also Takamine Guitars is now ran by ESP and I’m hopeful that they’ll be hiring me some this year to do events, clinics, video demonstrations and such.

Here’s the latest Video of their new LTD2015 model Takamine Guitar with my music playing over it. I hope it entices people to buy. 🙂

Ya’ll have a nice day and Go Ky Wildcats!!

“Mystic” tab Now Available

Hi Everyone.

After a lot of requests to have the tab for my song Mystic, I finally got around to notating and it it now available. Mystic is a melancholic song on my first album, Sometimes in Life. Inspired by the mystery of minor keys and moving minor melody, is a great song to learn and be inspired by.

Click below to get the mp3 and tab of Mystic. My tab is written easily so that you get the right idea and can play it very close to original. I occasionally leave out some grace notes and things that hopefully you can add in your self as a part of improvising etc.

I’ll let you know when I have other tabs available.

MYSTIC (Tab and mp3) 


Add to Cart

Thanks and if you have any request, send them to guitarlancer@hotmail.com

Remember to support me by buying mp3s on iTunes, or tabs, or just listen on Pandora Radio


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Feel free to get in touch with Lance Allen Studio about guitar, bass, mandolin, or ukulele lessons.


VIP Fender Dealer Event in Corona, California

This past week I was invited as an artist to be a part of a special dealer event that Fender guitars put on. I’m a Takamine artist, which is one of Fender’s brands. I was there to promote and share my gifts as a guitarist in front of Top Fender buyers and Fender staff.

Dealers got the opportunity to tour the custom shop factory in Corona and the Fender and KMC warehouses and show room in Ontario.  Brands that were represented were, Takamine Guitars, Ovation, Guild, Gretsch, Jackson, Charvel, EVH,  and groove tubes.

The Takamine Guitar that I played was stunning. It’s a new model called the P7NC. It’s a smaller body guitar with Tube Preamp.

All Solid woods! Great for Fingerstyle!

Here are some pictures I snapped from the event.


This is Kaki King, an Ovation Artist. She’s well known for her percussive style of playing. She also was the talent behind the movie August Rush, which I got to talk to her about. Really cool!


This is my buddy Joe Robinson. He rocked it out on the stage at Fender in Corona. He only had a trio and sounded like a 5 piece band! Great job Joe!


I put on my big boy pants and tried a sophisticated drink with product manager of Takamine. Remy Martin Cognac. I’m such a rookie when it come to liquor, but it was smooth.


Kaki King and I hangin out in front of Gretsch’s new Roots line of instruments. I’m getting a banjo from them!


Picture of me and Doyle on the showroom stage where we shared our playing skill to over 200 folks.


This is a Limited Edition model of Takamine with Malaysian Blackwood. It was very pretty up close!  Sounded great too!


Mountains in California! Wow


The Fender visitor center has a gift shop and you can purchase guitars and see a lot of Fender Guitar history in there!


This is Dave Mason, from the band Traffic. He was a performing artist on the main stage.

Doyle now plays Guild Guitars, after a long stint with Taylor His new guitar is beautiful!  One day, I hope to have a signature Takamine guitar similar to this one day! Isn’t it purdy?

Doyle Dyke signature guitar


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Great Gig with Kyle Jones at Kalamata’s in Green Hills

I just wanted to tell you about my gig at Kalamata’s in Green Hills this past weekend.

Kyle Jones was as always fun to play with.We did a number of tunes as well as improvising. I used my new Bose speaker system and it sounded fantastic in the small restaurant.

I played Beach Boys, Beatles, Bobby McFerrin, Stevie Wonder, originals, One Direction, Police, and many more artists you may be familiar with. Kyle used his new Korg Wave Drum Oriental. It had a lot of interesting percussion sounds in it.

Come to find out that Kyle has played with many people. One of them is one of my personal guitar heroes, Phil Keaggy. Here’s there latest CD called Numen. It’s a great CD to listen to and it’s almost like a movie track to your life, especially as you drive down the road. Please go and buy it from itunes or click here to purchase from CD baby

Here’s Kyle Jamming out.

I did some video using my Zoom Q3HD video camera, but we talked too much and didn’t get any really good tracks. Maybe next time in a video studio.

It’s an honor and I’m very flattered that Kyle chooses me to play at some gigs with him, because he’s played with some of the greatest guitarist around and toured with some major people. Janet Jackson, Phil Keaggy, Byron House, Rick Vito, Robert Plant, Ricky Skaggs, just to name a few.

Feel free to check Kyle out here. I don’t believe he has an official website, but you can learn about him at his World Music Nashville profile.


Played Fingerstyle guitar music with Kyle Jones at Kalamata’s in Nashville, TN

Tonight I played at Kalamata’s with Kyle Jones. Kyle is a percussionist and drummer who has played for many musical acts. One of his latest gigs and recordings is with the awesome, Phil Keaggy.

Phil Keaggy was one of my first inspirations and influences to the art of fingerstyle guitar. I never imagined I’d be playing my music with Phil’s percussionist.

I even got to open for Phil Keaggy at a gig I had in NAshville last year. That was so cool! I will be playing at Kalamata’s again on October 13th. Be sure to follow me on facebook to get the updates when I’m playing places around town.

Tomorrow I’ll play at the famous Antique Archaeology. That place was opened as a result of the TV show American Pickers. 2-4.

Now Kyle also mentioned he knew Robert Plant and would invite him if he’s in town the next time  I play there. How cool would that be?!?!!?!?

So for now I’ll keep practicing because I’m one of a handful of famous guitarist who has played at Kalamata’s

Phil Keaggy, Bobby Cochran (Steppenwolf), Rick Vito, Stan Lassiter , are to name a few. and oh Lance Allen too! 🙂


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