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Thanks for all the Great Reviews!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the great reviews on my google plus business page. I would love to see it continue to grow over 100, 5 star ratings and reviews. If you have a few minutes, visit


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Buy Guitar lessons for Christmas

Need a gift for someone? Why not a month of guitar lessons with Lance Allen of Lance Allen studio? I also teach bass, mandolin, and ukulele.

Here’s the deal. 

It’s only $100 for a pack of four, 30 minute classes. We can do the lessons in the office in Smyrna TN or anywhere in the world using skype, facetime, or google hangout.

Pay securely using paypal and let me know who the lessons will be going to.

I’ll send you a cool pdf with the name of gift receiver and the giver.

That’s really simple. Then the student can get in touch with me to schedule the lessons.

Plus I’ll allow the certificate to last for up to a whole year.


Give the gift of lessons

visit paypal.com and pay guitarlancer@hotmail.com

If you have more questions feel free to email me.

Skyping Around the world

Hey everyone, here’s a very nice article about me and my skyping business.

I’ve recently added Sao Paolo and Uruguay to the list. Cool stuff happening!



Smyrna Guitarist Teaching the World Via Skype

Lance Allen smiles as he listens to a student strumming a guitar. Not an uncommon scene in this part of the country, where guitar picking seems to be a regional pastime. What is uncommon is that Allen is based in Smyrna, but his students . . . well, they could be anywhere an Internet connection is available.

From the comfort of his desk chair, Allen utilizes the wide-reaching power of Skype to teach lessons on guitar, bass, mandolin and ukulele on a global scale. In one day he may share video time with students in different states, even different continents. That’s in addition to students who sit across from him in his studio.

He can hardly believe the scope of his reach.

Raised in Kentucky, Allen, an award-winning guitarist who has been featured in musicianship magazines likeFingerstyle Guitar and Acoustic Guitar, was initially inspired by his musical father and by classic rock veterans such as Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and Metallica, just to name a few.

In time, Allen was drawn to the guitar style of Chet Atkins, particularly Atkins’ ability to play two parts of a song simultaneously via fingerstyle playing, the technique of plucking strings directly with the fingertips or picks attached to fingers. Allen soon focused on mastering the style.

Not long after graduating Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in recording industry management, Allen took a full-time job at a local music store where he also took on a full schedule of students for one-on-one lessons.

During this era, the rise of YouTube provided an entirely new way to broadcast his teachings to a wider audience. Allen began uploading videos of himself playing, and his audience reached a couple hundred thousand views within a short period of time.

Lance Allen in his Smyrna studio, photos by Natalie Shipley (3w)
Fellow YouTubers soon inquired what types of guitar styles he could play. Those conversations led to the use of Skype, the video conferencing network.

“A friend from Malaysia, actually, was interested in Skyping to see if it would really work,” he recalled.

Sure enough, the webcam lesson turned out to be a success and Allen’s entrepreneurial spirit took hold, leading to the creation of a business where he could teach the intricacies of guitar-playing from the comfort of his studio.

“I built a website with keywords and things like that so that people could find me,” he said. “I kept putting video lesson teasers on YouTube and I eventually started to get a schedule of people . . . now I’ve taught [someone] in every state in the United States, and roughly 30 or so countries at this point.”

To date, his YouTube channel has nearly 3 million views and approximately 3,000 admiring subscribers.

Aside from posting highly successful song tutorials, Allen is also an original composer of instrumental music, which is available on iTunes and Pandora Internet Radio.

For Allen, the rewards of teaching in person, or on Skype, are equally gratifying. For example, he recalled a 10-year-old student who was strumming and singing along in a mere four lessons with Allen at his studio.

“She was really on fire,” he said. “I’m just really impressed with her, you know. And that right there, to see someone become really into guitar, it really makes my day.

“You know, you fall in love with an instrument, and I’ve got all kinds of guitars in here that my students are welcome to play and put their hands on,” he said from his studio. “When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to play a Les Paul [electric guitar] in the music store, but I have one here that any of my students can play on.”

In terms of original work, he claimed that his favorite song is one that he wrote for his wife. Called “Just Thoughts,” the tune doesn’t have lyrics, said Allen—but one has to remember that actual words are not always necessary to convey genuine emotion through music.

Lance Allen in his Smyrna studio. Photos by Natalie Shipley.


He began to pick a pleasant, uplifting melody with skillful, fingerstyle precision on each chord. As he played he reminisced writing the arrangement for his then-college sweetheart while still an MTSU student.

Allen is grateful for the opportunities that technology has given him to expand his local business worldwide, and to teach students from different cultures who all share a common love for learning and playing music.

“The only drawback is that a student and I can’t jam together,” he noted, because there’s a slight time delay in the video. “But I imagine one day they’ll have that figured out as well,” he predicted.

When asked about advice for aspiring guitarists and songwriters, he shared the same wisdom he would give to any of his fellow students in the form of “three P’s.”

“Pursue; number two is to persist and then number three is having patience. If you can achieve all three P’s . . . you can be moderately successful with any instrument.”

It could also help to have a good Internet connection.

To book a music lesson, visit Lance Allen Studio .com

“Mystic” tab Now Available

Hi Everyone.

After a lot of requests to have the tab for my song Mystic, I finally got around to notating and it it now available. Mystic is a melancholic song on my first album, Sometimes in Life. Inspired by the mystery of minor keys and moving minor melody, is a great song to learn and be inspired by.

Click below to get the mp3 and tab of Mystic. My tab is written easily so that you get the right idea and can play it very close to original. I occasionally leave out some grace notes and things that hopefully you can add in your self as a part of improvising etc.

I’ll let you know when I have other tabs available.

MYSTIC (Tab and mp3) 


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Lance Allen Studio is a guitar lesson studio located in Smyrna TN and globally using skype and facetime.
Feel free to get in touch with Lance Allen Studio about guitar, bass, mandolin, or ukulele lessons.


Lance Allen teaches at Country Music Hall Of Fame

Thanks to some friends and business acquaintances made over the years, Ovation Guitars recommended me to do a guitar 101 workshop the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville TN.

It was a great experience for me as a teacher. I got to teach 30+ kids how to play a few things on the guitar. I also talked about the unique Ovation guitar that everyone got to play on. Ovation donated 25 guitars to the museum.


Some of these kids have never help a guitar. Look at all those Ovation boxes! Woohoo!


Here I’m applauding everyone for doing a great job and hanging in there with me for 1 whole hour.

Trust me, everyone learned the word cacophony.






Accidents can happen, and this is a simple glue and clamp repair! We have a Pete Townsend in the Room!






Thanks to my talented student, Anna, for hanging out, taking some pictures, and helping a few folks get their hands in the right place.


We Are Never Getting Back Together Taylor Swift Guitar Lesson

Ok So I taught this song the other day by Taylor Swift. Catchy and funny in it’s own right.

We are never getting back together. Maybe it have something to do with John Mayer, I don’t know, but her that’s weird anyways.

C9         G                                   Dsus4             Em


Hope You like my Faux-English accent!

I thought I might get more views using an English accent! 🙂

“Not only can I teach guitar, but I can teach guitar with an English accent.”


You can do this with a simple strum pattern here

↓  ↓↑  ↓↑  ↓↑   ↓  ↓↑  ↓↑  ↓↑

Count 1 2 & 3& 4& etc.


Chord progression is really simple


Cadd9  G   D  Em

Two beats each or a quick count of four.  You get the idea. 🙂

News story about skype guitar lessons with CNET

Recently I did a set of interviews with C-Net and got some good internet buzz about my guitar lessons and the use of Skype in bringing acoustic guitar lessons to people all over the world.

Here is the link to the story. Please read it, comment, and leave some positive feedback if you like.


How to set your business up with Skype and find more clients/customers

Recently I wrote and Article for a national trade magazine called Music and Sound Retailer. It goes out to 1000’s of subscribers. I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience on my skype teaching.

Here’s a link to subscribe to the magazine and then here’s the PDF of the issue that my article was in.  Pg 36.

Met in Person 2 skype students in Indiana

I went to Indiana this weekend to compete in the Indiana State Fingerstyle contest.

Two of my skype students live in southern Indiana and I invited them to come. They both did, in fact one of them I stayed at his house and we jammed all evening!

I love my skype students!


This is Ms Roellgen, Who has taken lessons with me for several months now. She is an acupuncture therapist.

She is learning great fingerstyle guitar music and loves the skype lessons, because she basically lives way out in the boonies! 🙂



This is good ole Larry, from Henryville! He is an engineer and owns and operates his own business where he makes really cool stuff for aerospace and government contracts.

I stayed at his place and we jammed the night away and he sure did feed me a nice breakfast! He reminded me a lot of my own dad in a bunch of ways and he was the official guardian of MOJO!

Skype guitar student and teacher Meet for first time!













For more info on guitar lessons in Smyrna TN or on skype, feel free to get in touch.

Lance Allen Studio 661 Fitzhugh Blvd. Suite 105 Smyrna TN 37167






Skype guitar Lessons featured on Nashville News channel 4 WSMV

I was interviewed by New Channel 4 WSMV today and was on the 10pm news talking about how I want to teach in all 50 states using skype!

Craig Landschoot did a really great job at capturing this video and interviewing me. Thanks Craig!




For more information on how to get skype lessons with me, just go to contact and email me or surf around on my page!