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VIP Fender Dealer Event in Corona, California

This past week I was invited as an artist to be a part of a special dealer event that Fender guitars put on. I’m a Takamine artist, which is one of Fender’s brands. I was there to promote and share my gifts as a guitarist in front of Top Fender buyers and Fender staff.

Dealers got the opportunity to tour the custom shop factory in Corona and the Fender and KMC warehouses and show room in Ontario.  Brands that were represented were, Takamine Guitars, Ovation, Guild, Gretsch, Jackson, Charvel, EVH,  and groove tubes.

The Takamine Guitar that I played was stunning. It’s a new model called the P7NC. It’s a smaller body guitar with Tube Preamp.

All Solid woods! Great for Fingerstyle!

Here are some pictures I snapped from the event.


This is Kaki King, an Ovation Artist. She’s well known for her percussive style of playing. She also was the talent behind the movie August Rush, which I got to talk to her about. Really cool!


This is my buddy Joe Robinson. He rocked it out on the stage at Fender in Corona. He only had a trio and sounded like a 5 piece band! Great job Joe!


I put on my big boy pants and tried a sophisticated drink with product manager of Takamine. Remy Martin Cognac. I’m such a rookie when it come to liquor, but it was smooth.


Kaki King and I hangin out in front of Gretsch’s new Roots line of instruments. I’m getting a banjo from them!


Picture of me and Doyle on the showroom stage where we shared our playing skill to over 200 folks.


This is a Limited Edition model of Takamine with Malaysian Blackwood. It was very pretty up close!  Sounded great too!


Mountains in California! Wow


The Fender visitor center has a gift shop and you can purchase guitars and see a lot of Fender Guitar history in there!


This is Dave Mason, from the band Traffic. He was a performing artist on the main stage.

Doyle now plays Guild Guitars, after a long stint with Taylor His new guitar is beautiful!  One day, I hope to have a signature Takamine guitar similar to this one day! Isn’t it purdy?

Doyle Dyke signature guitar


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