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We Are Never Getting Back Together Taylor Swift Guitar Lesson

Ok So I taught this song the other day by Taylor Swift. Catchy and funny in it’s own right.

We are never getting back together. Maybe it have something to do with John Mayer, I don’t know, but her that’s weird anyways.

C9         G                                   Dsus4             Em


Hope You like my Faux-English accent!

I thought I might get more views using an English accent! 🙂

“Not only can I teach guitar, but I can teach guitar with an English accent.”


You can do this with a simple strum pattern here

↓  ↓↑  ↓↑  ↓↑   ↓  ↓↑  ↓↑  ↓↑

Count 1 2 & 3& 4& etc.


Chord progression is really simple


Cadd9  G   D  Em

Two beats each or a quick count of four.  You get the idea. 🙂