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Why I love the Bose L1 Model 2 with Tone Match mixer PA System

For those of  you interested, I’ve been using the Bose PA system for about a month now. I’ve used it at numerous gigs and played with it at home and in my lessons studio.

Just recently I played at WO Smith music school performance hall and I was really impressed with everything about the unit.

Just out of curiosity I timed myself with my iPhone to see how much time it takes to set up. In about 3 minutes I had everything plugged in and ready to go, including my guitar.

Here are a few things that I was really impressed with!

Feel free to get in touch with me about any more specifics email guitarlancer@hotmail.com or skype call guitarlancer

  • Portability and ease of setup, not to mention the short amount of time it took me to set up.
  • The responsiveness to dynamics. At a bit of a louder volume my expression of dynamics was picked up really well. Even though I play to a relatively small crowd, I noticed their movements when I changed dynamic, which is very important when performing and bringing the listener into your world of playing.
  • The Cool Factor. The one thing I get over and over from people is, wow, that is cool. Every gig so far with the Bose, I’ve had at least 2-5 people say how impressive that is.
  • The reverb on the ToneMatch is rich, bright and fits perfect for my fingerstyle guitar playing. I’ve also enjoyed using the Chorus effect as well. The unit also has preset EQ’s and other effects which are handy.
  • Bass responsiveness. The bass pops out on this unit. Since I play fingerstyle guitar, it’s important to distinguish the bass notes from the melody and with a built in crossover, the unit expresses just what I need.
  • Reach. With the unit being tall, sound can be spread over a further area. I play at a market where I’m placed in the rear corner of the market. People at the front can hear the music at a good volume. That in itself was important, because I was playing for tips. And people were coming to the back to see where the music was coming from.


Farmers MArket Musician
Lance Allen playing fingerstyle guitar music at the Franklin Farmers Market November 2012
Lance Allen playing beautiful fingerstyle guitar music at the W.O. Smith Music school auditorium.

There’s only one negative thing so far I’ve found about the unit. It takes me two trips to load in and out. Not that big of a deal, especially for the quality of sound I’m getting and then the fact that it only takes less than 3 minutes to unpack and set up. Here’s a video of me in my office taking down the system and packing up.Notice how easy it really is. I can even teach my wife how to do this! 🙂

This video shows how you can disassemble the unit and pack it away.


This video shows how the unit can be quickly setup and I also play the song “Darlin I Do” By Landon Pigg and Lucy Scwartz at the end. That song was in Shrek 4 and we love it!

If you’re interested in purchasing a Bose L1 Model 2 or it’s smaller brother, the L1 Compact, get in touch with Ben Porter at Sweetwater. Sweetwater offers a great financing deal if you want and I really like there company. Earlier this year I went to Sweetwater to play at their GearFest. There I met some really cool people including Ben and Tom from Bose.  I got to play through the unit and had a great time!