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One Direction One Thing on Fingerstyle Guitar

I have been teaching this song to a couple of my students. I was inspired and felt like this would make a great fingerstyle guitar arrangement.

Two things that I feel make a great fingerstyle song is groove and melody.

So enjoy this and join me on youtube as a subscriber and enjoy other songs that I may

Top 5 Winner at International fingerstyle guitar contest in Winfield, KS.

This year marked my 4th year to compete in the International Fingerstyle Guitar Competition in Winfield, KS. I did really, really well and played nearly flawlessly. In the first round I played my smokin’ arrangement of the Beach Boy’s California Girls, and my original tune, Little Bit. I made it to the top 5, but was unable to bring home a trophy and new guitar. I did get a really nice plaque that will display nicely next to my other top 5 plaque that I received in 2010.

 I was hoping for a higher placement and felt a little disappointed, but I managed to have a little fun with my winning of a plaque and made a cool necklace out of it. Everyone at my campsite called me, Lance-O-Flav.

Walnut Valley International Fingerstyle guitar contest

This summer, I also competed in the Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar contest, which was a great precursor to the International contest in Winfield. This is a nice facebook post from one of the scoring judges. I was picked number one by her, but somehow averaged out and got a runner up position.

Lance Allen Guitar Lessons Fingerstyle Skype Teacher

I will keep trying to win until I do. It is a very fun event and look forward to it every year!

The top 5 winners were

First Place

Adam Gardino of Colorado Springs

Second Place

Shuhei Nishino from Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka Japan

Third Place

Maxwell Hughes from Fort Collins, CO

Runners up

Lance Allen and Glenn Roth

Here’s a video of me playing an arrangement of You’ve Got A Friend in Me. Inspired by a Bill Piburn Arrangement.

Played Fingerstyle guitar music with Kyle Jones at Kalamata’s in Nashville, TN

Tonight I played at Kalamata’s with Kyle Jones. Kyle is a percussionist and drummer who has played for many musical acts. One of his latest gigs and recordings is with the awesome, Phil Keaggy.

Phil Keaggy was one of my first inspirations and influences to the art of fingerstyle guitar. I never imagined I’d be playing my music with Phil’s percussionist.

I even got to open for Phil Keaggy at a gig I had in NAshville last year. That was so cool! I will be playing at Kalamata’s again on October 13th. Be sure to follow me on facebook to get the updates when I’m playing places around town.

Tomorrow I’ll play at the famous Antique Archaeology. That place was opened as a result of the TV show American Pickers. 2-4.

Now Kyle also mentioned he knew Robert Plant and would invite him if he’s in town the next time  I play there. How cool would that be?!?!!?!?

So for now I’ll keep practicing because I’m one of a handful of famous guitarist who has played at Kalamata’s

Phil Keaggy, Bobby Cochran (Steppenwolf), Rick Vito, Stan Lassiter , are to name a few. and oh Lance Allen too! 🙂


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CAAS 2012 Chet Atkins Appreciation Society

tommy emmanuel martin taylor john knowles
Click for the best sounding thumbpick you’ll ever own! 

It’s that time of year again and so many people come to CAAS. (Chet Atkins Appreciation Society)

This, I believe, is my tenth year in a row that I’ve come to the event and I’ve been very fortunate to play the event for the last three years. CAAS was a great event for me and my dad to get together and hang. He passed in 2010 and going gives me a good memory of him and the legacy that he left me on the guitar.

My career owes a lot to CAAS. On my first year I met some English people, that became friends immediately. This eventually led me to a trip in 2008 to London and I got to perform for a finger style guitar club in Chesham.

In 2006 I produced my first cd and promoted it at CAAS, along with my arrangement of Sometimes in Life, which was featured in Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine. Now known as Fingerstyle 360.

On my first year I got to meet Mr. Tommy Emmanuel and jam with him for a good 30 minutes on the early morning. He gave me the name guitarlancer, which a lot of you know me by because of my email and website www.guitarlancer.com.

CAAS brings people from all over the world! I’ve met so many finger style guitar players that it may drive someone crazy. I’m sure it has driven some wives quite crazy!

Here’s a list of people I’ve jammed for and met and became aquiantences with.

Tommy Emmanuel, John Knowles, Pat Kirtley, John StandaferNishi Nishiyama Takayuki, Bob Evans, Thom Bresh, Not to mention Keith Fletcher my English buddy, Ben Hall, Mark Pritcher is the president, Tony McManus (Love that guy!) Martin Taylor, Bob Saxton, Michael O’Dorn, John Goldie, Pete Huttlinger, Muriel Anderson, Edgar Cruz, Tim Thompson, Bill Piburn, Fred Kelly Picks, Adam Rafferty, Bobby Gibson, Nokie Edwards, Joe Robinson, Fred Gretcsh III, and many more as you can imagine.

If I’ve left you out and you’re reading this, let me know I’ll give you some props too:)!

I’ve become quite the finger style guitarist as a result of being a member of CAAS and taking in all that I could!

There is also guitar builders there that display there instruments. People such as Kirk Sand guitars, Gretsch, Maton, Travis, Stonebridge, Morris, Beard Guitars, Benedetto Guitars

It’s a great event and one to return to.

Check it out at www.misterguitar.com

Feel free to comment and ask questions..

Here’s some videos of me performing at CAAS 2012

“The Violet Song”


Don’t Worry Be Happy


California Girls


Here’s a picture of me and long time friends Tommy Emmanuel and Kevin Hayes.

I brought Kevin because he’s a huge Tommy fan! He really Enjoyed the concert!

Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo were outstandingly hilarious entertainers! And phenomenal guitar playing!

Tommy has been a big influence on my ongoing guitar career. I compose many of my own original compositions and Tommy and many other people from Chet Convention have inspired them.

Tommy Emmanuel guitar lessons

Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolos are here and they are some of the fastest acoustic Django riff playing guitarist I’ve ever heard. So clean and effortless!

They were very entertaining! Click the picture for there youtube channel and watch some of there performances!

Excellent guitarist fastes in the world

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Here is a panoramic shot by Chuck Thompson, who is one of my guitar students!

Here is a link to his site where there are other panoramic shots. You should definitely check it out