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New Video, Viking of Rimrock by Lance Allen

Hey everyone, I’m excited to show this video to you as it’s one of the best I’ve had done so far! I think it turned out really great! I have 2 more coming soon and I’ll share those as well!

-This tune was inspired by the show on History Channel called Vikings. I happen to live on a rimrock and resemble vikings from the show with my beard and all.. lol ! I’m the Viking of Rimrock! Hopefully you understand my story in the music.

-Hope you enjoy! Make sure you check out Michael Gomez and his studio that put this together!  West light Studios. Shoot him a message at his site or Facebook, letting him know he did wonderful! And consider hiring him for your own video like this!

Make sure you check out that special capo I have on there! Notice guitarlancer? It’s a g7th Heritage capo and its awesome and I’m very proud of it and glad to endorse!!

Don’t forget you can always listen to my music on Spotify and add me to your playlist! I’d love to be on there!

Also if your a fan of acoustic finger style guitar music, check out the playlist Acoustic Concentration. I have a tune on there! It’s a great playlist. Hoping they’ll put one of my new ones on there or perhaps on the 6 String Peacefulness one as well! If you’re a curator and found this post, please consider adding some of my music to some of your instrumental playlist!


The String Poet, Lance Allen

Hello everyone! Thanks for being subscriber here!

I’ve released my new album with no idea ho sell are going, but hopefully they’re going well on iTunes.

Here’s a link in case you missed it. Don’t forget to rate it and leave a review as that may help me in the big list of music.


Also have put out a couple of new videos from my new home in the living room.

Hope you can enjoy these.

For those of you interested. I’m playing my Takamine EF75 with Brazilian rosewood. Such a Special guitar! I recorded the video with the Zoom Q8 recorder with an AKG c3000 mic plugged directly into camera. Turned out really nice.

Don’t forget to visit my new, sister site, www.lanceallenmusic.com

Busy Fingerstyle Guitarist Here

Good Day everyone!

I’ve been busy!

Writing tons of new material and getting ready to share with the world. I’ve been posting some new videos and arrangements you can listen to below.

Soon I will be doing another Kickstarter to help presale and market my new album. Their will be some very cool things to happen there!

Here is a tune I wrote for my wife Twila Joy. This is a beautiful waltz, “Waltz With Joy”

Here’s one I wrote for a Friend, Scott Bravo. I left the initial out takes in there because sometimes it’s funny. When Scott and I hang out it’s always funny! It’s a work in process and is getting tighter!

Here is my arrangement of “Our God is Greater” by Chris Tomlin

I play guitar in church a lot and do a lot of strumming of tunes like this. I just came up with this for fun and hope you can enjoy as well.

Lastly, I’ve revamped and recorded my arrangement of the lovely tune, Rainbow Connection

Be on the look out for me promoting my kickstarter soon.

I’m preparing for the Indiana guitar contest last of July and also have some work coming my way with the Faith Guitar company.

Here’s a look at a Faith Guitar

Melody Maker Youtube Video

Hey everyone. I borrow my wife’s Nikon D800 and made this video. I love how it’s much clearer and 1080HD. Very cool! This is my tune Melody Maker. Hope you enjoy and may share with a friend or 2. 🙂

As always you can buy this record on itunes, or support me by thumbs up my music on Pandora Radio. I also license my music to companies and businesses. That may be of interest to you. Contact me personally to discuss. guitarlancer@hotmail.com

You Are My Sunshine Easy Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson and Free Tab

Here’s an easy Fingerstyle guitar lesson for You are my sunshine.

Please do me a favor, and check my music out on spotify, and put it in your playlist. https://open.spotify.com/user/1286592394/playlist/63dk8AQEzeMgRxCGaZmjuT

ALSO…. Please consider buying me a cup of coffee for this lesson.

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Here’s the tab. You Are My Sunshine


Here’s the video…

Learn the Song, “The Eye” by Brandi Carlile on guitar with tablature

Hey everyone! A lot of people ask me from time to time who some of my favorite artists are. Here lately it’s been a lot of Brandi Carlile. Me and my wife really enjoy here songs and have seen her perform in Nashville several times. Her music has certainly been my goto station on Pandora Radio.

I thought, as a fan, I would give a lesson of her new song, “The Eye”

Here’s their official video of the tune. Here’s where you can download the song The Eye – The Firewatcher’s Daughter

Isn’t it nice? Now for the fun part.. I challenge you to learn the song and enjoy for your self. Having the capo up high may be strange, but it sure is a pleasure to play.

Download the tab for only $5 (Just a cup of coffee or dessert)

Tab for The Eye $5.00Add to Cart

Now that you know I worked really hard to put this together, consider taking  Skype Guitar lessons with me, or sending me a tip to paypal. I really enjoy teaching and I’m fortunate enough to make a modest living doing so.

And Brandi and the twins… If you all find this somehow, I hope you will endorse it and perhaps we could hang out sometime in Nashville TN. I’ll buy you coffee at my favorite coffee house called Eighth and Roast. Thanks for being awesome!

Your fan and musical friend,

Lance Allen

Easy Classical Guitar Study in A minor

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for subscribing and listening to all I’ve had to say over the years. 🙂 Here’s a free lesson for you, especially if you’re in the beginning stages of playing fingerstyle guitar.

It’s a study in Am. Watch the video and download the tab here. As always, if you’ve enjoyed a free lesson from me, feel free to leave me a gratuity, buy my music, or listen on Pandora, or support the advertisers on my videos and site.

Download tab here -> A minor Study

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Some new Videos

Hey Everyone. I was busy this week!

New videos are up on my youtube channel.


I’ve always loved the Beach Boys and one day will make a record of me playing some of my favorite Beach Boy songs.

Here’s one…. “God Only Knows”


Here’s an easy fingerstyle guitar lesson. Hopefully it will inspire you to create something from it. Feel free to let me know if you do. I learned to do my head like that from Tommy Emmanuel.. 🙂 Lol some may know what I’m talking about.


This is a video about a unique new double pick called Plectone..

Here’s my song “Ode To Batson”