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2015 Winfield International Fingerstyle Guitar Winners

Well folks the winners this year are in! And Guess what???!!!! I’m one of them! lol! 🙂 YES!

2015 Fingerstyle Guitar Winners

1st Place David Youngman

David Was great this year and played flawless arrangements! David is from Michigan and teaches guitar and performs.

Here are the songs that he played that got him the win. He chose the Bourgeois Guitar with Brazilian Rosewood. That’s the one I had my eyes of for sure, but David did it and deserved it! 🙂

First Round –

Stand up Stand up for Jesus

In the Garden

Second Round – Trust and Obey and Wacousta Lodge (David’s original composition)

2nd Place Jack Wilson

Jack is a pop man and played some really fun pop tunes! He is also a guitar teacher up in the Chicago area and I highly recommend him. I’ve learned stuff from him at Winfield. Being 2nd place means you get second choice of the 2 remaining guitar. Jack chose the Larivee Guitar.

1st round – Reeling In The Years, Rock This Town.

2nd Round – Low Rider, Black Magic Woman

3rd Place Lance Allen

I got the beautiful Taylor Guitar! a 914CE and it’s totally awesome!

Taylor 914CE 2015

1st round Little Bit (Original) California Girls

2nd Round Us Together and East Nashville

All 3 of us also got an Elliott Capo that has Walnut Valley inscribed on the side as well as the 44th year of the festival.

Runners up were Keith Taylor and a girl from Japan named Momo Kimura 

I am currently putting together a blog post about how I went to prepare for this contest. This may help other when preparing. I interviewed several previous winners and did some deep research on how to prepare for things such as this. Look out for it in the very near future. It may just help you win or place in a big contest.