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Melody Maker CD hard copy is now available.

Hey everyone,

Melody Maker CD’s are available now hard copy and signed. Get your limited edition today.

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Lance Allen Melody Maker


New Playlist of Fingerstyle Guitar Music on Youtube

Have you ever wanted some nice instrumental guitar music to listen to in the background, ad free?

Just click my youtube playlist below and enjoy.

Share it with your friends and spread the word. I really motivated to share my music.

I also would like to remind you that there is some nice music found on Pandora if you create a Lance Allen station.

So listen away. I’ll be recording some new music soon! I also have music on Pandora radio, and when you play, I get paid. That would be a great way to support me and my musical endeavors.  LANCE ALLEN RADIO


BTW, if you live in KY, This weekend Saturday Sept 28th, I’m playing in Harrodsburg at The Kentucky Fudge Company at 630 with a high school buddy who will play percussion. Hope to see you there. Will be good fun! 

My new cd is out and ready!

Hey everyone! And Thanks for subscribing!

Help my new album go “Aluminum’! by buying it on iTunes. lol 🙂

Here’s a link where you can get my new cd!
Us Together - Lance Allen

Just click on the Album cover

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 12.12.50 PM

If you desire a physical autographed copy along with some really cool guitar picks, just send $15 via paypal!

I would really appreciate your support in buying my new record. If you appreciate solo guitar music, then you’ll love my musical creations and art. I hope that you can share this with your friends and spread the word.

First day in studio with Richard Smith

Today was the first day in studio with Richard Smith. It was fun and focused. We did 13 songs today! I think that might be a record!

I may have to fix or redo one one called “Travel Time” which has a difficult part where I somewhat lose the groove, but can be fixed with some practice with a metronome. I’m headed back next week to mix and finalize! 🙂

Hang in there and do tell a friend. I’m very passionate about these songs and inspired to play the guitar more and more.

Here is a short video I put together of the studio and my song “Long Island” is in the background.

The song “Long Island” was inspired by a trip to Long Island. I met my skype student, George Giannaris for a few days. The Batson guitar company also came and we were showing off guitars for the community in the north fork of Long Island. George’s friend fixed us a Greek coffee, which is similar to Turkish coffee. I stayed up very late that night playin with a new tuning on the guitar that was unfamiliar to me. DADF#AE. This song was born.

My new CD!! “Us Together” to release this summer! With your help..

Hello everyone! I’m excited to tell you that I’m doing my new cd finally! Check out my kickstarter campaign and help me by making pledges so that this project can be done more efficiently and quickly! The project is currently underway and I will need to meet a certain budget to make it happen. Rewards come with every pledge. I look forward to sharing my music gifts with you.
If there are any questions, email me personally. guitarlancer@hotmail.com

Click Here to go to my campaign and check it out! ——–>Lance Allen “Us Together”