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Acoustic Guitar In The Background – Spotify Playlist

Hi Everyone!

I created a wonderful playlist of fingerstyle guitar music.

In response to the popular Piano in the Background, now you can have a wonderful independently created playlist of guitar in the background.

Please follow it and share the playlist as to help grow  fingerstyle guitar interest.

Make sure to follow me on Spotify as well. I’m releasing beautiful¬† Instrumental Christmas music alongside my music partner, Avery Bright, that I’m quite certain you will love and enjoy!

Here are some other new releases that you might enjoy!

Growing up as a kid in the 80’s you cou;dn’t help but love the muppets! This tune is the same tune Kermit the Frog sang with the banjo! Now available in the most beautiful arrangement for guitar and violin!

I’m a big fan of the musical artist, Brandi Carlile!

This song is just so nice and I’m reminded of my love story with my wife everytime I hear it or play it!