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2015 Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Competition

Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar contest

Hey Everyone! Just got back from the Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar competition and thought I’d tell you about it. 🙂 I’ll tell you right off, I didn’t win… 🙁 boo hoo cry wah wah! lol, didn’t even make it to the 2nd round. I think it may have been that I drew number 1 when we were picking for contestant performance order. Oh well. Maybe Winfield! As I’m going this year.

So, Got to Nashville north, as they say, on Friday afternoon and set up for a gig at the Pine Room. I barely got there because of a cancerous tire on my van as I traveled. It was really rough. Thankfully, my friend there and organizer of the event, Chuck Wills, helped me change it.

Kade Puckett, a great fingerpicker opened the show 5-7 and then I went on to pick some.  I played a handful of tunes, including my Beach Boys stuff and Beatles, and some more. Helen Avakian joined the stage with her friend David Irwin. Outside was some cool music happening too by Cari Ray and her band.  It was a good time had by all, and even my friend Maxwell Hughes, from the Lumineers, showed up and played some stuff!

Saturday was the day of the contest! In the morning we drew for our numbers and I got the dreaded number 1.  My plan was to play my song, Us Together and follow up with my strong arrangement of California Girls, by the Beach Boys. I played flawlessly, yet I did not make it to the 2nd round. Oh well next time… que Beck’s song… I’m a loser baby! so why don’t you kill me…. lol just kidding.

The Winners of the contest were:

David Youngman – 1st place winner David took home a fine handmade guitar by OC Bear!

Keith Taylor – 2nd place

Bill Russell – 3rd place

Helen Avakian and Mark Bayer were the two runners up in the top 5

There were 21 contestants and 3-5 judges keeping score.

It’s a great contest and I encourage anyone into fingerstyle guitar to give it a try. There was even a 14 year old kid name Evan Twitty who was great! Even the winner of the Canadian Fingerstyle guitar fest competed, Kevin Blake Goodwin.

On that Sunday I taught 3 workshops for guitarists. One was a fingerstyle for strummers, intro to thumbstyle guitar, and tricks and licks. It was great for me to teach, and because of that opportunity I felt like a winner.

I did learn a new joke while in Indiana. This is my step-ladder. I never knew my real one.  lololol!! 11854086_10208140832145472_1078886432_n