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Lance Allen teaches at Country Music Hall Of Fame

Thanks to some friends and business acquaintances made over the years, Ovation Guitars recommended me to do a guitar 101 workshop the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville TN.

It was a great experience for me as a teacher. I got to teach 30+ kids how to play a few things on the guitar. I also talked about the unique Ovation guitar that everyone got to play on. Ovation donated 25 guitars to the museum.


Some of these kids have never help a guitar. Look at all those Ovation boxes! Woohoo!


Here I’m applauding everyone for doing a great job and hanging in there with me for 1 whole hour.

Trust me, everyone learned the word cacophony.






Accidents can happen, and this is a simple glue and clamp repair! We have a Pete Townsend in the Room!






Thanks to my talented student, Anna, for hanging out, taking some pictures, and helping a few folks get their hands in the right place.