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Lance Allen teaches at Country Music Hall Of Fame

Thanks to some friends and business acquaintances made over the years, Ovation Guitars recommended me to do a guitar 101 workshop the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville TN.

It was a great experience for me as a teacher. I got to teach 30+ kids how to play a few things on the guitar. I also talked about the unique Ovation guitar that everyone got to play on. Ovation donated 25 guitars to the museum.


Some of these kids have never help a guitar. Look at all those Ovation boxes! Woohoo!


Here I’m applauding everyone for doing a great job and hanging in there with me for 1 whole hour.

Trust me, everyone learned the word cacophony.






Accidents can happen, and this is a simple glue and clamp repair! We have a Pete Townsend in the Room!






Thanks to my talented student, Anna, for hanging out, taking some pictures, and helping a few folks get their hands in the right place.


Lance Allen Trio Plays Country Music Hall Of Fame

Me and the band played a gig at the Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville, TN. The band is comprised of Brian Shind (Bass) and Kyle Jones on percussion. We had a great time playing for the UPSTREAM2012 event social hour. The music was perfect for such and event as wine drinking and eating food and being social.

Here are some sampling of our music being played there.

“Sleep Walk”

“Happy Together”