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Guitar and coffee does have something in common!

So a lot of you know me and know that I love coffee! Years ago it was widely known that musicians and beer go well together. Not that it still doesn’t, but now coffee and musicians have a strong connection.

A lot of my musician friends are hip and drinking coffee and espresso drinks is a hip thing to do. So they do mix pretty well. Plus I really believe coffee brings out happiness in people. Probably because of the caffeine content. 🙂

I have this saying.. Set back, relax, and have a cup of coffee.  Especially on days that I’m feeling low, coffee is a great perk.

So with all that said, I love going to coffee houses and trying different drinks, espressos, and pour-over type coffee. Some of my favorites in Nashville TN area are Roast Inc. Crema, Frothy Monkey, and Just Love Coffee in Murfreesboro.

Today I visited a new coffee shop in East Nashville as a referral by one of my coffee buddies, Ian Riley. The new place is called Barista Parlor. Twila was there too, of course!

They have a really cool set up in what appears to be and old garage. The tables are made of really pretty hardwoods. The Chemistry of coffee places, Barista Parlor is a top notch place to visit, hang with friends, and buy some really darn good coffee.

Some of there offerings are as follows:

Slayer + multiple roasters + multiple brew methods handcrafted by-the-cup = Barista Parlor

Slayer Espresso
Coffee: Stumptown, Coava Coffee, Counter Culture, Madcap, Sightglass, Intelligentsia. Chocolate: Mast Bros, Olive and Sinclair, Dick Taylor, Sweeteeth, Askinosie, Taza
Breakfast Menu from Porter Road Butcher, The Bloomy Rind, Dozen Bakery, Foxy Baking.

Barista Parlor Facebook.


Here are some pictures that me and my 3 year old son took while visiting..

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