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A new excellent Guitar Capo!

So I’m nuts about guitar. I cannot buy a bunch of guitars but I can have some accessories. Capos have been a fun little thing for me to collect. I have my favorites, but it’s still cool to have them.

capo collection

Here’s a new one that I really like. It’s call the X1 Capo .

It’s very slick, and doesn’t throw your guitar out of tune. The spring is said to have memory to it and the aluminum alloy body is shiny and polished to a high gloss like more expensive capos.

Here’s a video that I did and if you’re interested in purchasing the capo, it’s really affordable and you can click my link below that will take you to amazon. CLICK HERE TOO.

Why I love G7th Guitar Capos

So today I got in the mail a new G7th Guitar Capo. This time with my aka name guitarlancer engraved in it.

Cool guitar tool capo g7th

Needless to say, I’m a happy guy!


Thanks to Seamus Brady and Nick Campling for the hook-ups over the years! You have a great product!!

Here are some reasons why I love the G7th Capo.

  • They’re a courteous company. Always nice to me at trade shows and in emails and even promote me as a G7th user!
  • They go on your guitar very easily and do not put your guitar out of tune.
  • They look great on your guitar! I have the matte finish silver one, and a glossy gold one, and they both look fantastic on my guitar!
  • There is not harsh tone exhibited from the rubber clamp, it’s a perfect warm sound and consistent.


Here’s a link to the G7th Website. www.g7th.com

You can buy them from your favorite local store, or email me and I can get you one as I’m an authorized reseller of there products.


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