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Guitar Gallery Visit Nashville, TN

      As most of you know, I’m “guitarded”, meaning that I’m nuts about guitar! I’m so excited about it’s contribution to my life, and that it has enhanced it so much! Getting the treat of visiting the Guitar Gallery in Nashville, is, more than inspiring, and part of my journey as a musician.

      Most of the music that I played here today was inspired by the instrument. Some things might be somewhat planned, however the guitar itself inspired what I played.

       The Guitar Gallery is a very nice shop. It’s appointment only and caters to serious musicians, who are looking for serious quality. There is a also a great deal of people who collect guitars that frequently buy guitars there. Perhaps, one day, someone will be inspired enough by my playing that they might contribute to my efforts of creating with the acoustic guitar, and my love for the instrument.

      If you’re a youtube person, you may want to subscribe to Guitar Gallery channel. For a link click below.

Guitar Gallery youtube

One of the coolest guitars has to be this steam punk guitar, by Kathy Wingert. This was a very nicely made and hand crafted guitar with “Steam Punk” artistic attributes, that may appeal to folks in the cult of Steam Punk.  If you’re unsure of steam punk, click here for an article on wikipedia. Not only was this guitar interesting looking, but sonically compelling and very pleasurable to play.

IMG_2275The gears here reflect that of the artistic nature of steam punk





Beautiful Cocobolo back and side, which is one thing Kathy Wingert is known for. 


Isn’t that interestingly beautiful. Those are individual gears that are carved into place.





Another one of the suberb guitars that Robin puts in my hands is the mighty Olson Guitar.

Click to see and hear my play it! It has such a haunting sound. Olson is famous for building guitars for Phil Keaggy and James Taylor.

I really love it when I have the opportunity to put one of these guitars in my hands, because Phil Keaggy and James Taylor are heavy hitter influences on my playing. Now…. James, would you buy me one of these? lol yeah right, but hey you never know! 🙂 It would inspire me very much!


This Caldwell Guitar was interesting. Take a listen to the sound samples I recorded.


Interesting Guitar made in Sweden.


Franklin Guitar with mojo,




Here’s a nice OM Martin I played at Guitar Gallery. 1950 000-28/ Reminds me very much of the type of Eric Clapton Guitar.

Would love to have one of these to the collection.


“As always, happy guitar playing! 

And I hope this was inspiring to you!”

Lance Allen

World’s Top Skype Guitar Teacher

Smyrna TN Just outside of Nashville