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I’m now using Bose L1 Model 2 PA system with ToneMatch mixer

So I just got the Bose L1 Model 2 PA system with ToneMatch digital mixer. I’m really liking it!

It came in 3 boxes and unloading was a cinch. The unit is neatly organized and creatively designed to be compact and easy to set up.

It’s basic plug and play. You have the base, then speaker, and then speaker. The Bass module plugs in easy and the ToneMatch Mixer is simple to set up.

After plugging in using the factory settings, I was completely impressed. Especially in the room, the sound is full, and no volume loss and the EQ was right for my guitar.

I then got into the very smart EQ brain in the ToneMatch. This is very clever! The the ToneMatch has EQ presets in there that are designed for specific mics, guitar models, and other instruments.

I have a piezo type pick up, so I used that setting and boy did my guitar sparkle. The EQ in there is designed to make the acoustic guitar sound like an acoustic guitar! Amazing!

I love the tone, the coverage of sound, and the portability of this unique and great sounding PA system.

I’m looking forward to using this during lessons and for my gigs and events that I play or speak at.

The ToneMatch also can used as an interface to my computer. This is really cool, because I do a lot of videos and having this simple mixer and near perfect EQ, it’s easy to set up for my youtube videos.

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