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I just have to say it. BlueChip has a great thumbpick, hands down. The tone that is grabbed by the material of the pick is unreal.

Check it out, it’s the best $40 you’ll even spend on a pick.

If you play thumbstyle guitar or banjo, this will be a wonderful addition to your sound. I’ve compared it to all of my other thumbpicks

and it definitely has a tighter frequency response when plucked.

It’s made of a special and expensive material, that is very tricky to work with. Each pick is individually crafted and made.

I’m wanting one of the flat picks now for my mandolin and when I play bluegrassy stuff.

BlueChip Thumbpicks

Thumbpicking guitar lessons


Made in Tennessee, How cool is that? Another reason to buy one!

If you heard it from me, go ahead and tell them! 🙂

Plus the owner, Matthew, is an excellent fellow that cares about his workers and people that use his products!

Some of the players that using his products!