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Exciting New Batson Acoustic Guitars

Hey everyone! I hope you find this intriguing as I! Recently my friend and luthier, Cory Batson, set out to build his guitars and make them available to people without the price of a boutique guitar. I helped him get connected with a few folks that has made it happen! And they turned out beautiful! Here’s some video slide show that my wife Twila and I put together. She’s a great photographer and I play guitar well, and we finally put our talents together to come up with something that showcases these guitars. www.twilasphotography.com (weddings and what not 🙂 )

The guitars are currently available at Batson Guitars website.


This is the Gypsy model! It is solid cedar and solid Rosewood back and sides, with a beautiful maple bevel. The bevel makes it so comfortable to play.

This is the Americana Model.

Perfect for strumming, percussive elements, and fingerpicking.

I’ve never heard a guitar with such resonance! This sibling has a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides.

This model is titled Troubador.  Like it’s other siblings, but this guitar has solid spruce and rosewood back and sides.

Exciting New Batson Guitar The P21

Hello everyone!

Recently attend the NAMM trade show and acquired an exciting new guitar from Batson Guitars!

It’s the P21 model acoustic guitar designed right here in Nashville, TN.  The P21 is a part of there newly designed Artist Series which will be available very soon.

This is a very new imported piece and the Batson guitar company is currently working to get these guitars out in the mass market.

I expect you’ll see them available in a few months from this post. Fall 2013

This particular model has these features.

  • Solid Spruce top, solid rosewood back and sides
  • Orchestra Body size similar to Grand Auditorium, very comfortable to play.
  • Maple Binding, and ebony fingerboard, bridge and tailpiece
  • Gotoh Tuners
  • Bone nut and saddle.
  • Each guitar inspected and setup in Nashville workshop
  • Electronic Feature for plugging in. (Current model with B-Band T65y, subject to change)

I feel like this would make a perfect addition to any guitarist collection. It’s a fine guitar and sounds incredible.

Pre-Orders are being taken. CLICK HERE


List price on this model is $1699 and expected to sell for around $1300 street, or industry MAP pricing. Get in touch with your local music store today and ask about Batson Guitars, or contact sales@batsonguitars.com

What Industry Professionals are saying:

”Getting my hands on a Batson guitar for the first time was quite a revelation. I was awestruck by the incredible visual sense of design first, and then the thing that really mattered (the sound of the thing, that is) was both unique and enticing. The guitar’s tone seems to come from every part of the instrument at once. The balance and clarity were immediately evident. I’ve never heard or seen anything like a Batson guitar, that’s for sure. The instrument is so sonically compelling, and it also benefits from a design aesthetic determined by an approach to sound projection that I have never before encountered…I feel privileged to have finally made the discovery.”
Don Ross
(one of the greatest, most respected guitar players in the world)

“I was recently introduced to a couple of young guitar luthiers, Cory & Grant Batson.  They brought one of their guitars to my house while I was in a rehearsal for the Master and Musician Tour.  Though I don’t own one of the Batson’s guitars, I was able to see the fine craftsmanship and design in their acoustic.  The design is unconventional- incorporating a tail piece that stretches back toward the end pin beyond the bridge.  And also the sound hole is on the top side. The player feels like he’s getting the full dose of beautiful sound and resonance, but voila’, so are others who may be in close proximity!  The design allows for a very deep tone. The guitar sounds so large it’s uncanny!  The Batson Acoustic falls in line with the very best these days in acoustic guitar design.  Be sure to check one out for yourself”
Phil Keaggy

I’m a friend of Cory and Grant’s. That said, I was highly suspicious of their ability to build a better guitar than my Taylor 814CE, which I adore. You know how it is, I mean, I hang out and drink beer with these guys. I was asking myself, “Can THESE GUYS make a truly awesome guitar? Really?”Anyway, Grant offered to let me borrow one of their guitars for a St. Patrick’s Day gig this year. I had picked up their guitars casually, never to the point where I was really able to evaluate them. They SEEMED nice, but I’m not into first impressions. I was actually a bit reluctant to gig with it, but I didn’t want to hurt Grant’s feelings, so I said okay.

So that was Cory’s personal guitar. After A/B-ing it for an hour with my Taylor, I was kind of pissed. I was mad because, up to that point, there had been NOTHING WRONG WITH MY TAYLOR! Dammit. How dare they make such an amazing guitar. Seriously.

So, I’m a somewhat struggling musician, living in Nashville. I can’t afford $5500 for a guitar. I paid around $2800 for the Taylor, and that was a business investment. They were just rolling out the new No. 5s, which had me, the struggling guitarist, in mind. They are stripped down from the monsters they make in the custom shop, but not in any way that effects the playability. The rosewood/sitka combo is a time honored tone tradition, and the 5s make it sing.

I’m hoping to sell enough of my new CDs to be able to afford one, but fortunately I was asked by the Batsons to use the 5 to make a few cuts on the album, so I got the chance to record a variety of styles with it.

It’s the easiest guitar I’ve ever recorded with. The top sound hole keeps the undesirable bass up and away from the sweet spots on the front soundboard. The guitar is unbelievably resonant. I was telling my friend Trace, who helped me record, that ‘these things sustain so long it’s a problem.’ We were waiting for a last note to ring out, and it seemed like it hung on for two minutes.

You can hear a few cuts on my website:


Hewlett and cicada summer were both recorded with the No.5.

Here’s one that’s not published yet, but that I wrote specifically for the No. 5. It’s played on the non-cutaway, going all the way from drop D to the highest fret on the guitar. It starts off with a stereo mic-ed fingerpicked pattern, overlaid with single mic-ed harmonics and a lead, then moves on to full throttle, heavy pick strumming. I felt like I was taking a crotch rocket motorcycle out for a test drive through the San Juan Skyway in Southern Colorado. Fun.

Have a listen here (also the first track on the media player on the Batson Guitar Website):

open air #5

Rob Higginbotham

“I worked in music retail for the last several years and got to play just about everything out there. I own alot of acoustic guitars, my favorite being my Martin 000-18 golden era. I recently got the chance to play several Batson customs and in my opinion there is nothing better anywhere. The sound you get from the location and size of the sound hole is out of this world. You can hear all of these harmonic overtones and tonal subtleties that you have never heard like this before. Also the balance in tone is absolutely perfect. A crisp warm bass, mids that just sit right where you want them and highs that sound like angels singing. Not to mention that Batson guitars are the most beautiful handcrafted acoustic instruments I’ve ever seen. No doubt my next guitar will be a Batson and probably the next two or three after that as well. I’ve never really been impressed with the overall tone of McPherson guitars. Not to say that they aren’t nice instruments, just different strokes for different folks.
P.s. Get the bevel if you go with a Batson, it’s so comfortable. You’ll thank me later.Chad (Catfish) McMillian
(Nashville Songwriter, Session Harmonica and Guitar player)

“Surprising!  This (studio recording) is the True test.  It sounds Great!  …and I love the feel of it.”
Michael Spriggs
(Nashville session guitar player & former lead guitar player for Eddie Rabbit with credentials too numerous to mention.)

“When I hit the first strum on the new Batson guitar, I knew it was a new favorite.  I love tradition, but I love when tradition takes on a new face and Batson expands in a wonderful way on the legendary acoustic guitar.”
Ed Cash
(Producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Notably recognized for his work with such artists as Amy Grant, Chris Tomlin, Steven Curtis Chapman, Dolly Parton and Bethany Dillon)

“In a sea of acoustic guitar builders, and having played hundreds of acoustic guitars, I think these guys are really on to something different. The Batson Guitars I tried have a very well balanced sound, you can hear every note clearly and for a fingerstyle player that’s important. BUT, you can also rock on them with a flat pick.  I own one.  Need I say more? They make great guitars both in sound and quality.”
Tim Thompson
(2008 Festival International Fingerstyle Guitar Contest Champion,
Nashville Session Player and Sound engineer – Owner of a Batson Guitar)

“I would recommend this to any player for any project.”
Tim Cutright
(Nashville Sound Engineer and guitarist)
– See more at: http://batsonguitars.com/index.php/reviews/industry-professionals/#sthash.1nfRzQRa.dpuf