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The String Poet, Lance Allen

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I’ve released my new album with no idea ho sell are going, but hopefully they’re going well on iTunes.

Here’s a link in case you missed it. Don’t forget to rate it and leave a review as that may help me in the big list of music.


Also have put out a couple of new videos from my new home in the living room.

Hope you can enjoy these.

For those of you interested. I’m playing my Takamine EF75 with Brazilian rosewood. Such a Special guitar! I recorded the video with the Zoom Q8 recorder with an AKG c3000 mic plugged directly into camera. Turned out really nice.

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Exciting New Batson Acoustic Guitars

Hey everyone! I hope you find this intriguing as I! Recently my friend and luthier, Cory Batson, set out to build his guitars and make them available to people without the price of a boutique guitar. I helped him get connected with a few folks that has made it happen! And they turned out beautiful! Here’s some video slide show that my wife Twila and I put together. She’s a great photographer and I play guitar well, and we finally put our talents together to come up with something that showcases these guitars. www.twilasphotography.com (weddings and what not 🙂 )

The guitars are currently available at Batson Guitars website.


This is the Gypsy model! It is solid cedar and solid Rosewood back and sides, with a beautiful maple bevel. The bevel makes it so comfortable to play.

This is the Americana Model.

Perfect for strumming, percussive elements, and fingerpicking.

I’ve never heard a guitar with such resonance! This sibling has a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides.

This model is titled Troubador.  Like it’s other siblings, but this guitar has solid spruce and rosewood back and sides.

Red Haired Boy

Hey Folks, I know I’m a fingerpicker, but every once in a while people ask if I know any bluegrass. I typically go straight to Red Haired Boy. Here is a simple version of this tune in G. It’s usually played in A with a capo on fret 2, but hey I just kept it in G since you don’t have a capo right where you’re sittin.


Here is a practice track at 100 bpm that I put together so that you can play the melody over the top of my strumming. Have a blast! And don’t forget if you enjoyed this post, buy me a cup of coffee, or a bag, whatever you like by using my TIP JAR

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Red Haired Boy TAB  

Melody Maker Youtube Video

Hey everyone. I borrow my wife’s Nikon D800 and made this video. I love how it’s much clearer and 1080HD. Very cool! This is my tune Melody Maker. Hope you enjoy and may share with a friend or 2. 🙂

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