Sweetwater GearFest blog from Takamine Endorsee, Lance Allen

I got the opportunity to go to Sweetwater GearFest and demonstrate and answer questions about Takamine Guitars, the hardest working guitar in the music business.

Takamine Acoustic guitar booth

The Sweetwater employees were top notch and knowledgeable about all the products.

Their facility there in Ft. Wayne Indiana was incredible. I wanted to share my experience with photos and links!

I met a photographer first night I got there. They saw this shipping container and thought it would be a great picture of me holding my guitar “Mojo”

Photo by Craig Fisher

Takamine Guitar and Guitar Teacher

Here is a Gibson Guitar Tour Bus that people were allowed to go on and tour. I didn’t go on but I did check out the Gibson Guitar Booth!Les Paul Touring Bus

This was a Handful of Gibson guitars, including the L5, 335’s and some others.

Look at all those Les Paul guitars!!






This Was the Gibson Tour Bus Trailer filled with Historic I imagine expensive guitars!






    What’s a guitar show without Marshall Amplifiers???

They had a nice and loud booth!










PRS Guitars has some pretty Sweet Guitars at the Show!







This was Pretty interesting seeing a Metallica Road case. I mean, How often do you see these?









Sweetwater was a really great place. They had there own cafeteria, music school, and music store and even a fitness and health club along with a racquet ball court. Must be a great place to work!


















free guitar restringing

























Another fun trip that Takamine Had me go on.

Thanks to Bob Gilligan, the Northern area sales rep, I got to go and we had a great time. One of the guys I met, was the Bose PA System marketing rep, Tom Beier. I also met a really cool fella whose plays Cordoba nylon stringed guitars, named Marcelo Berestovoy. He was kinda like the character from No Country for Old Men. He was a guitar player for Ricky Martin. Also got to meet Marc Seal, who has a guitar lesson TV show in L.A. He was the Taylor guitar promoter and clinician.  I may need to do show here in Nashville where I teach guitar and have famous Nashville guitar guest etc.

There may an opportunity for me to play on a Bose PA System and promote there products. Got to see a friend while there, Michael Farley. He took a simple idea and marketed it into a world phenomenon, a musicians light clip!

I made Contacts, had fun, and made some money, so it was definitely a good gig!

If you made it to the end of this blog, then you get a laugh with this next picture of me not-so-gracefully planking in front of a high power air conditioner!

Smyrna TN Guitar lessons Best guitar teacher in the area

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