Some new guitar products you may have never heard of.

First, I posted about the Engle Guitar Hammer. This thing is cool. It’s perfect for recording and just having fun making percussive guitar sounds with it.

You can buy it for only $20. I get a small commission for promoting it, so get you one by clicking the referral link below.
Click here to visit Engler Innovations.

Here’s a video of me jamming out to Jimi Hendrix “Purple Haze” See I told you it’s pretty cool.


Another thing that is cool, that isn’t that new, is the 3rd hand capo.  I only have a few left and will delete this once they’re gone.

It’s very cool and useful when finding new creative ideas using partial tuning.

Click here to buy Only $20 plus shipping


Here are some useful videos on the Third Hand Capo



Beach Boys “IN MY ROOM”