Learning the guitar using skype or FaceTime is a great way to learn. We can both do the lessons in the comfort of our homes or office, from anywhere in the world.

I’ve been using skype to teach people since 2007 and I’m one of the originators of the online live lesson format via Skype or FaceTime . All you need is a good computer and webcam, along with high speed internet, and you’re set to go! A few requirements prior to skype lessons with me are as follows.

  • Must be able to tune your guitar
  • Preferably know how to play some chords
  • Willing to work with my schedule
  • Download DropBox for video/file sharing

You can easily download skype by clicking the picture below. If you have a Mac, then you have facetime, all we have to do is share our apple id. It’s pretty simple.

Please contact me directly for current US price. or feel free to skype call at guitarlancer, or a phone call is just fine 615-414-2507.

Top Skype Guitar Instructor

Check out articles and publications that I have been featured in.

New Channel 2, WAY TV, WAAF

News Channel 4NBC12 Richmond Virginia, 14News Evansville, Indiana,

News Channel 5

CNET Lance Allen Skyping the world 

Murfreesboro Pulse

WHNT news Huntsville Alabama




Countries I have taught in with skype

Scotland, England, South Africa, Malaysia, China, Canada, Australia, Iraq, Turkey, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Ireland, Norway,


 I’ve been considered the top skype guitar teacher in the country!

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Best Skype Guitar teacher

Reasons to take skype guitar lessons

  • Convenient. You don’t have to get out in the rain, snow, or drive 50 miles to a great teacher.
  • I effectively communicate, therefore you will learn what I teach
  • Stay in your jammies. Seriously, I won’t know. :)
  • Take lessons at a coffee shop, or your work, a park, a restaurant, library, college dorm, business centers and more.
  • Saves you gas money
  • Learn your favorite songs, techniques, and improve your creative skills.
  • Have a coach, friend, and teacher to help you through your musical journey.
  • Get connected with other students via social media and google hangouts
  • Have a dropbox with all your lessons, tabs, videos, practice materials.
  • Learn what you want to and get good technical skills in the process
  • Add your reasons here —–> :)

Not sure about all of it?? Feel free to email me for a free 15 minute lesson. We can talk and find a way for me to teach you.

Please contact me at, or use my contact page to get in touch.


I will also do customized lessons for people who are interested and maybe this will interest you more than committing to ongoing skype or facetime lessons.

Prices start at $30 for customized lesson on a song. There’s so many websites out there that just don’t teach it correctly! I review the song, watch it performed live, and create a lesson that works for you. Just tell me what song you want and give me a little time and I’ll provide links for the lesson. There are so many songs that I can teach and help you with.

Fell free to get in touch! :)




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