Simpson Guitar, Froggy Bottom Guitar, Julius Borges Guitar, and Beneteau Guitars

Hi there again! I haven’t wrote in a while, but things have been a little slow because of the holidays and family and what not. Friday I made another trip out to the Guitar Gallery in Nashville. It sure is always a treat to go there and get to touch, smell, play, and hear some of the worlds finest guitars, handmade by talented luthiers.

This time I played a wonderful Froggy Bottom guitar. Every Froggy Bottom has impressed me thus far. If someone were to ever give me one, I would gladly accept. They’re not affordable by my means, but very nice and tonally balanced and exquisite.

This was a parlor guitar and had one of the most beautiful figured Koa back and sides I’ve seen.

Here’s a picture… Don’t drool on your computer please.

This is for sale at Guitar Gallery

Click here to check it out.

High End Acoustic Guitars


I also played a very nice Simpson Guitar with CocoBolo and Cedar with a Bevel on the armrest. This guitar was perfect for finger style and had a great balance and voice.

 One guitar that completely stuck out and blew me away was this Julius Borges OM18

I mean OMG, it had such a great tone. I’ve never heard of this builder until now, so now I’m interested in seeing what else he builds. It had sinker mahogany which is a mahogany wood that has been underwater for a number of years and then dried and used in instrument building.

Superlative tone and bass response for an OM type guitar. This one was awesome!

If you are reading this looking for one for sale, they’re hard to come by and highly sought after, would you buy me one too? We’ll be friends for life. :)I could totally find much inspiration on an instrument such as Julius Borges.

I also got to play a very nice Benateau. 

I was decked out in Brazilian Rosewood. Back and Sides, fretboard, bridge, and veneer on the headstock. It was a stunning looking guitar. Sounded great too.