New stuff July 2015

Hi Everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the first week of July. Here in Nashville, it’s raining and thunderstorms everywhere. So I’ve been busy uploading videos and wanted to show them to you. Especially if you’re not a youtube subscriber. These are all finger style guitar songs. And you’ll notice that I have tabs for sale for a few of them.

First, is my song Us Together. It’s a lovely song inspired by just hanging out with family etc. It also reminds me of getting opportunities to play with my guitar heroes like Tommy Emmanuel, Phil Keaggy, and Pete Huttlinger. You can google them, they’re seriously good and I’m doing my best to follow in their leadership.

You can also buy the tab to this song here for only $4.95.  BUY NOW

Hope you enjoy the song.


This is another beautiful tune, Peaceful Dreamer. Written for my wife, who likes to sleep in in the mornings. Isn’t it lovely? Sleep… yes. Maybe this song can help you or a little one get some much needed rest.


And this is a song on my first album. It’s the title track, Sometimes in Life. I also have tab for this one as well.  BUY TAB. $4.95


Also happening….

I’m headed to NAMM next week, as well as the 2015 Chet Atkins Appreciation society convention. Busy week! And on top of that I have a gig on Friday the 10th in Nashville and a wedding to play on the 11th. As a guitarist making a living in Nashville area, I have to be on top of my professional behavior and do what I can to continue my dream job of playing guitar for a living. It’s a great challenge and I enjoy the rewards!

At NAMM I plan to meet the new guys at Takamine, which is now managed by ESP guitars, and meet a new friend that works with Lanikai Ukuleles! I’m excited about Lanikai, as I may be doing some ukulele lessons for their site. That typically means new, beautiful ukulele. 🙂 I’ll keep you posted about all that. I’ll also be checking out the main floor, looking at people products and services. I’ll keep you informed if I think it’s cool.


BTW Thanks for downloading any of my music on itunes last month. I took my family out to dinner and ice cream. Would be nice to pay my house off with my music, so keep telling people about Lance Allen music and listening on iTunes, Pandora, wherever.. My music will also be on Apple music, so if you’re a subscriber to that, please feel free to play my music over and over and over again.


End of month I’m competing in the Indiana Fingerstyle Guitar competition. Check it out and cheer me on!


I visited the Guitar Gallery today and played a few wonderful guitars. Again, a Julius Borges was friggin amazing! and I tinkered on a very beautiful sounding Delgado classical guitar. A Bown also stuck out to me as a wonderful and very resonant instrument! Check them all out I’ve included links.

Here’s their link to website

Julius Borges

Delgado Guitars

Thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you next time I have news.