New Lance Allen CD Melody Maker

Hello everyone! The wait is over and I have my new music ready for you. I’ve decided to offer this record digitally so it’s much easier for you to add to playlist, phones, or other devices. I’m selling it for only $10 and it will be delivered right to your email box. When you check out using paypal, you will also have the opportunity to pay more than $10 if you like. By doing this your investment will help in future projects and the new baby Lucas on the way. 🙂

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Lance Allen - Melody Maker

The Songs Blue Ireland (Featuring Phil Keaggy)

This song is inspired from a trip to London. One that I’ll never forget. We descended, and the pilot said we were over Ireland. I looked out the window and saw nothing but blue. It was the sea of blue and barely what I imagined Ireland looking like from above. My appreciation for Irish music is what may have led to this song! Not only did I record a neat song, It was a dream come true to record with Phil Keaggy. He has been a guitar influence to me since my teenage years. His contribution here is really amazing! You can hear his unique styling and percussive tapping.  If you listen carefully you can here a touch of Ebow, which Phil is known for using.

Fingernail Moon My son and I love looking at the moon and its wonder. When its just right it can appear to look like a fingernail. I think this pretty song was deserving of a title that give credit to something so beautiful in the sky.

I Love You Lullaby Inspired by a book that was read during my son’s younger days. This is a perfect example of a lullaby. Experience a memory when listening.

Landon Boy Another dedication to my awesome son. When he was born this is the first song he heard. As he glanced around, I know he was listening.

Melody Maker I think this song gives me a sense of purpose. Now that I have a catalog of guitar music, this seemed to be very fitting. Melody Maker is certainly melodic and a song that has my signature.

Ode To Batson This is another song where it was inspired by a guitar. My friends Cory and Grant, have built some amazing guitars which are unique.  Batson Guitars

O’Farely’s Waltz O’Farely is the psuedo-name that I have given my friend, Michael Farley. He loves Irish music and DADGAD tuning. This song is just that. A bit of Irish, and in a special tuning called DADGAD. Mr. O’Farley has been a wonderful influence to me as a friend and mentor.

Pacific Drive The title Pacific drive came from a memory of driving the PCH (pacific coast highway) It is a grooving beautiful drive and deserving of a fun guitar song.

Pura Vida Pura vida in Costa Rica is a surfers term meaning that everything is all good, and life is awesome. We recently had a visit there, and it was an amazing experience. Hopefully this song will remind you of a beautiful place.

Sunshine Falling Every Monday during the school year I volunteer at a music school in Nashville, TN, WO Smith music. I get there early every time, because I love playing guitar in their foyer. It’s really full of reverb! One morning, the sun sun was shining bright on my shoulder. I was playing the middle part of this tune and singing, “Sunshine, falling like raindrops”