New Guitar! Faith FNCEHG – HiGloss Neptune Cut/Electro

Hey Guitar friend and folks!

I got another opportunity to showcase, demo, and play on Faith Guitars at the Summer NAMM show here in Nashville TN. I’m looking forward to getting to know some of the fine folks at Connolly Music and showing off their guitars to potential buyers and B2B operations! Will certainly be fun. One of the perks of this gig, is I got a new guitar. It’s the Neptune model, which is a small jumbo style guitar. It’s easy to play and sounds great right out of the case!

Here’s a couple of performances of me with the guitar.

This first one is Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Got a lot of great feedback from this one.

Make you feel my love. Adele arrangement Dylan song.

This is my arrangement that I put together for a recent wedding I played. It allows you to hear the resonance of the guitar. It sounds fantastic. I only added a touch of reverb to give it some depth.

Let me know what you think! or comment on the videos..

Thanks for watching and keep on guitaring!