Twila’s Photography

Twila is a wonderful photographer.

Takamine Guitars

I endorse and play Takamine Guitars. My EF75 “Mojo” is a wonderful instrument!

Mono Cases

These are awesome cases and lightweight, great for traveling

G7th Capos

My favorite capo, that is easy to use and keeps in tune when you use it. There’s nothing much better.

Tommy Emmanuel

One of my Favorite fingerstyle guitar artist

 Gretsch Guitars

I’ve endorsed Gretsch Guitars for Several years! They’re fantastic!

Farley’s Essentials

Cool musical products!

Mighty Bright

Everyone needs a light! Whether for a pedal board or a music stand.

Fingerstyle 360

A great online magazine dedicated to fingerstyle guitar

Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks

Very Cool Guitar Picks!

Chet Atkins Appreciation Society

One of the best guitar conventions ever


My Neighbor Computer whiz. What’s cool about this is we both wear fedoras!

Computer Service Depot

If you live in San Fransisco and want to learn guitar, check out my buddy and student Jeff Feldman, owner or Creative Spark Guitar

Now this is cool. Learn James Taylor songs, from James Taylor


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