L.A. Trio

Since 2011, I have been playing in a my own music group, playing corporate events, weddings, wine tastings, church gatherings, and other business events. Typically what we play is instrumental music. A lot of the tunes you will know and some are very nice original tunes.


  • Professional, contractual, and easy to book
  • Emmy award winning drummer, world class 7 string bassist, and award winning fingerstyle guitarist with millions of youtube views
  • No one has been disappointed, ever
  • Fun, upbeat, easy listening, and enjoyable

For music at your event, feel free to get in touch me me about rates and booking.

Here is a sampling of our music. We played for www.Healthteacher.com UPSTREAM2012 conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN May 8th


  “Happy Together”


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