Lance Allen Welcomes Hercules Stands to the musical family

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. I’ve been working really hard with current student load and preparing for musical things to happen in 2014.

Hercules Stands has made me an official endorser and would like to share my experience with their products I use!

“Hercules stands are durable, and reliable, every time! They are the best stands out there!” 

I’ve been using Hercules brand of stands for years. I even have the wall hanger (GSP38WB) which is perfect for those of you that have large pets or children who can knock over your instrument from a normal stand.

The locking mechanisms are perfect for holding your instrument in place! Here’s my main  guitar stand GS455B


I picked up several other products as well from Hercules. The folding orchestra stand. (BS408B) I’m really in love with this, because you can break it down and put it in a bag and take with you. It’s perfect for orchestra type situations or just to have at home! Here’s a video demo I did of this model!

I am also starting to sing at my gigs. I’m not yet comfortable with lyrics so much, so I use my iPad to showcase the lyrics. I got this mountable attachment that goes right on mic stand. It works and great for guys like me that can’t remember lyrics.

Here’s the set up (MS533B and HA300)

I’m enjoying using these stands and hope that you would consider Hercules Stands!