How to prepare for a contest or performance

Today and for a brief moment while crying my eyes out (because of the onions I was cutting) I had a thought to give some advice for guitarists or performers who are preparing for a contest of a public showcase, namely a gig.


One thing that I do is repetition. Repetition is a fantastic way to learn a piece of music and get it into your head. I believe that skill is created when repetition is involved. When you do this you can also determine areas that need improvement and honing. I’ll go through my set 4 times, if not more in one day.


With repetition, there also needs to be a great deal or mind power used. When I’m preparing for a contest or showcase I will play in front of an object. Let’s just say it’s a microphone. By playing in front of a microphone you can put yourself in the seat in front of people. Imagine that microphone is your listener. This will certainly help you to listen to to yourself as your perform through a piece. Do not stop! Remember, you’re playing to an audience that you’ve created in your mind.

It’s also good to play in various places in your house, the park, office. Playing in various place will allow anxiety to not be an issue.

Then once you’re ready play for your biggest critic, your wife, partner, or best friend, or even a parent. This also is a good thing to do while preparing for performance.

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare!

And Finally

“Play with Purpose.”



Feel free to chime in on any other advice you may have below.

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